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Google’s Plan in China | Project Dragonfly

Many must have heard about the project Dragonfly by Google. Here is a liitle sneek peek on what it was all about.

The San Fransisco Summit

While addressing the 25th anniversary summit of wired in San Francisco, the CEO of google Sundar Pichai talked about the return of google in China. He said that the plan is at its early stage and it is possible that it doesn’t progress.

But earlier report says that company was working on a secret project named dragonfly. The censored version of giant search engine google that would still offer 99% of the queries. But it will certainly block some websites and searches relating some human rights and religion following rules of mainland China.

The award swelled in value as Alphabet’s stock surged 90% since the grant date, compared with a 39% advance of the S&P 500. CEO Sundar Pichai has received two more nine-figure stock grants since then. Photo: Pradeep Gaur/Mint

This lead to internal dispute a kind of anger in the company. Employees rejected to work on this project. They felt like they were contributing to technology that will suppress freedom of people of China. Because it will ultimately help China suppress free expression.

Dragonfly Project

Project named dragonfly relates the re-launch of  censored version of google for Chinese market. Reports said that the launch of the version can take place in January 2019. A column of Chinese daily which was soon deleted stated that communist party might welcome the return of google China if it is according to the rules of mainland China.

Baidu a China based search engine and rival of google China was on its peak during the period google returned from Chinese market. Now after the news spread that google might re-launch in China, baidu’s founder anticipated that baidu still will be victorious against google if it enters the Chinese market again.

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Why Google was blocked in China?

What actually happened back in march 2009 China blocked the Google’s YouTube. Because it showed some footage of Chinese security forces beating Tibetans. In January 2010 google announced that due to the Chinese originated hacking attack, google might completely pull out of the country if the situation demands. At that time google redirected all search queries from google China to google Hong Kong. These gave results without any censorship because Hong Kong doesn’t subject to most of the Chinese laws.

All these events took place, meanwhile by 2016 google started it’s attempt to again gain access to mainland China. On 8th December google announced a developer website for Chinese developers. On 31st august 2017, Google announced Tensor flow China, an open source library for data flow programming across a range of tasks. It is a symbolic math library also used for machine learning.

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On 13th December 2017 google announced the establishment of Google AI China. This center is led by Fei-Fei Li and professor Li Jia. A Beijing based research lab which will focus on Artificial intelligence getting support from google engineers based in China. It is good for google to re-launch in China but its of no effective use as google will still be showing only the content approved by the communist state. The freedom of expression will still remain suppressed that’s what exactly baidu is offering there.

If the Project dragonfly doesn’t work as per the plan, google shouldn’t think about withdrawing all through the Chinese market. Because it still offers a lot to Chinese market, like the developers platform for the Chinese developers.

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