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Google Dataset Search – Where all is one

Just like Google’s massive attempts to make the world a better place, it is back with another stunning idea of launching special search engines based on scientific needs. Google’s earlier attempts for making a commercial workspace for their costumers has been undoubtedly a great success. The idea that is supporting this launch, is all about grouping the data according to professional needs and also making it discoverable for all. This is similar to the idea applied for google scholar that was meant to help the students. By the recent attempts of googles team on collecting and storing the information in these search engines, scientist see this the other way round. “Scientists say, ‘I know where I need to go to find my datasets, but that’s not what I always want,’” says Noy,(an AI developer on google). “Once they step out of their unique community, that’s when it gets hard.”

A sample of the google search done on its latest database.

This major problem spotted was when that data got camouflaged amongst its similar others.”The dataset was well written up in a fairly prominent place, but it was still difficult to find.”, says Noy.

The aim of this storage is not only for scientists, rather have a bigger review of this new database, but this service is also extended to store data given by the government, news organisations etc.

The CEO of ODI(Open Data Institute), Jeni Tennison appreciates googles efforts on making data like these open for all. “To create a decent search engine, you need to know how to build user-friendly systems and understand what people mean when they type in certain phrases”, says Tennison. Google knows what it’s doing in both of those departments.

In fact, says Tennison, ideally Google will publish its own dataset on how Dataset Search gets used. Although the metadata tags the company is using to make datasets visible to its search crawlers are an open standard (meaning that any competitor, like Bing or Yandex, can use them to build their own competing service), search engines improve most quickly when a critical mass of users is there to provide data on what they’re doing.

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If this small scale attempt by google is a success it will soon be available for wider data perspective, along with a more distinctive placement of information according to the meta tags or keywords users deploy. Google also claims to have an article about how to use some of the specific keywords to find exactly what the user needs. What do you think, will google succeed and establish another landmark for other search engine companies? Well, only time knows the answer.

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