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The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is getting some attention in Korean media. A report suggests that the phone might be Samsung’s first “keyless” or “buttonless” design. The company’s next flagship may not have any physical buttons and will instead use touch or gesture-based alternatives.

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The company had filed patents that described how the edges of a display could be used for performing various actions. Replacing physical buttons with such gestures will drastically change consumer usage. The local agency mentioned that the keyless tech might also be introduced in Samsung’s A series of phones with punch hole design camera.

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The report suggests that the Galaxy Note 10 would launch in August this year and go on sale in September. The pricing in India will be around ₹80k-1 lakh. It will have four cameras on the back and it is rumoured that the S pen will have a front-facing camera. The Galaxy Note 10 should look similar to the Galaxy S10.        

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