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Fun learning for toddlers

They say learning starts in the cradle and I completely agree with the notion. As soon as the baby leaves the womb his growth has already started. And it is our responsibility to guide him in the right direction. The problem comes with the method. Which technique would be adequate enough? A strict approach or an easy-going routine? Education comes easily when the fun is added to the equation. Children learn faster when they are enjoying the lesson.

Let’s check out some of the fun learning games.


Kids love to hear stories. It is a very interesting way to keep them engaged and to develop their attention span. Reading animal stories with a bit of added action like imitating their voices can charm their little socks off! It is an awesome way to inculcate reading habit, incorporating morals, and to increase bonding, all three in one.


Motherhood as Storytelling (part one)

Clay toys

Toddlers are super active, full energy, almost all the time. Keeping them occupied is tuff and tiring task. What better way to use clay! Clay can be used to teach them numbers and the alphabet. They will use their tiny hands to make them into appropriate shapes and will have lots of fun learning.

ABC Playdough Mats + FREE Printable and Video!

Coloring fun

When I was a kid, all the wall space that I could reach, or the floor… had my imprint on them. And by imprint, I mean scribbles and scratchy looking drawings. If your kid loves to draw then getting them a whiteboard will be excellent. Or you can also cover the lower walls with a paper and let them draw there. Or Choose color in wallpapers. You can also keep it as a memorandum. Another option would be to use blackboard paint on one wall and let their imagination loose!

Colour In Fabric Wallpaper - Dazzling Decals and Designs

Balloon game

Balloons are fun, they are good ways of learning colors and counting. Their bright colors attract little kids to them and the air-filled bouncy things can keep them occupied for a little while.

Learning toys

The market is filled with fun games that impart education as well. Children get bored with things easily and to make them stick to one toy is next to impossible. So what can a parent do? If your ward loves toys then according to his or her preference there are numerous toys that can keep them occupied for a while. Like, lego toys, building blocks, number trains, etc.

 Toddler playing with blocks | Parents

Parenting is hard but no other joy can replace the immense satisfaction of seeing your kid learn and grow with a smile on his face. Every single effort is worth it. Mixing fun and education will make then fall in love with the entire process of learning. This will loosen the boundaries of hesitation. And with their inhibitions down they will embrace and explore new things and the world itself with open arms.

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