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Five Machines Out of the Imagination!!

What comes to your mind when someone says terminator machines? Killer machines and drones? It’s doesn’t matter whatever it may be. But if you have ever read Isaac Asimov’s book, then you can imagine what machines can do, but they are only in the books. What if I tell you that there are machines who can jump, call for help to another robot, cross the rough terrain? seems impossible right? Here is the following list of the robots which have been made by Boston Dynamics, some coolest machines on the planet.

1. Spot

This is a four squared leg robot. More or like a pet.

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It is used in the indoor and outdoor operations, its limbs enable it to cross the difficult terrains with comfort. The robot runs up to the estimated time of 45 mins in a single charge. The function of its limbs or legs is done by the hydraulics. The height of the robot is nearly a meter and weighs around 75 kg. It has Li DAR perception enabling a 360-degree scanning. It has a brother too!! Have a look below.

2. Spot Mini

The small brother of Spot! with an arm.

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Meet the spot mini or you can say the little brother of the spot. It comes with a detachable arm, with this arm it can lift and drop an object. Interesting thing is that it can also open and close a door. The relation between spot and spot mini is mutual, the spot can call mini to open the door for itself. This robot is a marvel! it weighs around 30 kg and is 0.84 meters tall. This robot sees and identifies objects through the 3 D vision. It runs on electricity and on a single charge it can operate up to 90 minutes and is for indoor and out door operation just like it’s a big brother. Spot mini legs are not operated through hydraulics, instead, they are operated by electric means. It’s the quietest robot ever made by Boston Dynamics.

3. Atlas

Flip it up! I bet you can’t do a back flip like this one!

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Meet Atlas! who does a back flip, unlike any other robot? It is the most humanoid robot ever made. This robot is more like a human. It can do back flip and can balance itself. If by any cause it falls, then it can pick itself up. It has a magnificent combination of height and weight, which makes it more balance and stable. The weight of the robot is around 75 kg, and the height is about 1.5 meters. The robot identifies and sees-through Li DAR and stereo vision. The arms and the limbs of the robot are operated through hydraulics. This is a splendid and enchanting humanoid ever built.

4. Handle

The balance on wheels!

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Handle! basically, it can handle itself more than any robot. Due to its wheel, it is faster than the Atlas. Though it’s not like an Atlas, balancing is its specialty just like Atlas, but fast. This robot has a height of 2 meters and weight about 105 kg. The limbs and legs of the robot operate and function on hydraulics and by electric means. The robots use depth cameras to identify the path and obstacles. This robot is a great example of suspension, due to its limbs and hydraulics. It has a similar principle like Atlas, but it can’t do the flip! This robot is a mixture of quadruped and biped.

5. Wildcat

A mixture of meow meow..and bhoww bhoww!!

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The running wild!! This robot is the fastest quadruped free-running robot and it can go up to 32 kmph. It is powered by the methanol engine instead of a battery, the limbs function on the hydraulics. It contains a variety of sensors, which help it maneuver, run and keep balance on turns while running and identifies the path through terrain scanning laser. Height is 1.78 meters and weight is 154 kg. It is loaded with a set of laser to identify it’s height, speed and measure other different entities while its operation. Due to its engine, it produces sound, but in speed, no other robot may be able to beat it.

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