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Five cities with ultimate food experience!

Here are your favorite cities for your ultimate food experience! and hold your mouths from watering!


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Nihon e yokoso! (Welcome to japan!). The land of anime. It has a great history of food with rich aroma of culture in it. Like it’s colorful tradition, Japan has some marvelous cuisines for a great experience.



       (3)Miso soup


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Namaste! welcome to India, where you will find variety of culture and traditions. With this tradition and culture comes the great taste and cuisines. Kolkata wouldn’t disappoint you. Here in Kolkata you can have Bengali dishes just like sweet as it’s culture!


(2)Aloo potol poshto



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The great ottoman empire ruled this country for many years. This city is a mixture of Europe and Asia. Turkish food are blend of Arabic and Eastern foods. These are tasty and has undeniable aroma. Here are the list of food for you.

(1) Balik Ekmek




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Hola! Amigos. Mexico famous for it’s spicy and tangy flavors. You can have street foods are famous around the world. Mexican foods are famous worldwide. These foods are spicy and yummy!




5.New York

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This american metropolis will greet you with it’s famous street food. America is mixture of culture, and people from different parts of world. You can find many popular foods, below is the list of eat must!

(1)Shawarma platter


(3)Pastrami on rye

So, what’s your favourite food or city? Did we miss something? Tell us by commenting below.

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