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Fight Your Life Battles with a Smile!

Often we find ourselves struggling with something or the other in our lives, be it in our career, a heartbreak, or tough situations that seem impossible to overcome. But funnily enough, as life has it, we always make it to the other side stronger than ever. It seems pretty simple after the battle has ended but when we are struggling, we are under immense mental pressure and we are on brink of giving up. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, It’s easy to win a battle when the enemy is not you. But more often than ever, In life, we are our own enemies, we fall prey to our desires and our goals and aspirations get lost amidst unwanted pleasures.

We all agree that it’s not easy to say no to your mind, after all, it is a master of deception. It will lure you in with all the things that do not really help you with your growth and development and once you fall for it, it’s a downhill from there. You lose control over your life, you make bad decisions, spoil your relationships and before you realize you are in a place where you don’t want to be.

Now there is no need to panic, every human being has gone through this at least once in their life. It’s only human to err. Luckily enough, there is nothing that time can’t heal with a little determination and discipline. All you need to do is to condition your mind to listen to you rather the other way around.


The first step is to understand your goals and aspirations, the reasons why they are important to you.

Once we have that established, the second step is to resist the temptations of your remarkable mind and condition it to work for you. We can achieve this by repeatedly reminding ourselves with our goals and aspirations after you wake up or when you are going to bed at night. Have a morning ritual which helps you to stay focused on your goals. It could be anything like exercising, reading a book or as simple as listening to a motivational podcast.

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Every now and then, we will want to fall back and relax. Now before you do that remember that your mind is a trickster, it wants to you fall back to the bottom. Everytime you feel that that you cannot make it remember why you are here in the first place and think of your goals and aspirations. Choke your inhibitions, doubts and your unimportant desires with your determination, patience, grind and your sheer perseverance.

I cannot lie and say that it will be easy, it will be very difficult, sometimes you might even slip and fall back down. You may not make it in the first, tenth, or even in the thousandth try, but as it is said to practice makes a man perfect. The key is to not give up, after all, nothing worthwhile comes easy. You just trust yourself and your grind and keep at it until one day you finally make it. Just remember that you are unstoppable when you are focused and determined. No one can stop you from achieving your goals, dreams, and aspirations.

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