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Female Soldiers Around The World

Are we even aware that there are over two million women veterans? The history of our country has always involved itself in numerous wars and battles for the well-being of its people. Here, women have played a major role in every struggle! This wasn’t permissible in the early days of wars but, women made strategies to protect their country. As time and people moved forward, women in the military and navy became more satisfactory and acceptable. By the end of World War II about 500, 000 women served in uniform and war-guns. Ever since more women have served in every battle possible and the legacy continues!

Here is the list of top 7, most important female veterans of all time. They are by no means the female veterans who rewrote history and there are still many to come! Female veterans are created with each war being battled!

Deborah Samson:

new diary sheds insight life Deborah Sampson who fought in the ...

During America’s first Revolutionary War, Deborah Samson of Plymouth Massachusetts camouflaged herself as a young man. she addressed the Army as a keen volunteer to fight the country’s opponents. She was recruited in the year 1778 under the name “Robert Shirtliffe”.

She rendered her service for 3 years unnoticed until she was caught up with brain fever. Her sexuality was palpable to the physician who didn’t disclose the secret. The secret was under wraps until she was directed on a special assignment to transmit a letter to General Washington.

He spared her the humiliation of a public release and resolved it privately with a sum of money. Deborah Samson rendered her service during the Revolutionary War where women’s conduct and achievements went unnoticed. Her service showcased the love she had for her country. Her references are a testimony that the “New World” started to dissolve. Women were there!

“Mad Anne” Bailey:

WV: Mad Anne Bailey – Thoughts and Ponderances

“Mad Anne” was born to Anne Hennis, in Liverpool, England in 1742. At the age of 19, she shifted to Virginia and got hitched to Richard Trotter, a settler. After he died in 1774, She joined the army leaving her son William with a neighbor.  Anne threw herself into buckskins while lifting rifles, hunting, courier work with story-telling.

Anne is known for her 100-mile ride to Fort Savannah from Fort Lee for missiles saving Fort Lee!

Sarah Emma Edmonds:

Soldier Girl: The Emma Edmonds Story - Canada's History

Sarah Emma Edmonds was born in Nova Scotia in 1841.  She shifted to the U.S in her young life from the exploitation of her father.  Residing in Detroit Michigan in 1861 she joined the U.S Army to fight for “the country”. She joined the army under the name of Frank Thompson.  She took charge as a male nurse in the 2ND Volunteers of the Army.

Edmonds also tasted success as a Union spy, projecting herself as a man!

Jennie Hodgers:

Jennie Hodgers | The Inglorius Padre Steve's World

Jennie Hodgers was born on December 25th, 1844 in Clogherhead, Ireland. She was an American stock management general and moved to Illinois in 1862. She enrolled herself in the Union Army during the Civil War under Albert D. J. Cashier. Jennie fought the war with no undue misgiving to her gender.

In 1865 her Infantry was liberated and she was identified as a man. She allowed herself to vote where voting was unthought for, especially for a woman! Her fellow-mates recalled her as a skilled rifleman. Jennie dedicated her life to protect her country. She was buried with full military honors in 1977. A large monument bearing her name is situated in Saunemin Illinois.

Cathay Williams:The First (Documented) Black Woman to Serve in the U.S. Army ...

Cathay Williams was born in 1844, in Independence Missouri. She rendered her service under the pseudo name William Cathay in the U.S Army. Williams was among the Buffalo Soldiers for 3 years, pulling herself as a man except for her cousin and friend in her troop. Above all, Williams survived through smallpox, several other illnesses without revealing her true self under the light!

Because of her fatigue in the army, her true gender was exposed to the post surgeon. she was later released on October 18th, 1868. Williams was the first articled African American woman making her the most exceptional&bold army officer.

Pauline Cushman:

Pauline Cushman, actress and a spy for the Union in the Civil War ...

Pauline Cushman was born in 1833 in New Orleans, Louisiana, and was named Harriet Wood. Later she shifted to New York to become a renowned model and actress. After that, she used her skills to prove herself as an Affiliated soldier during the Civil War. In masquerade, she covered battle plans and sketches in her shoes but was caught red-handed.

Later, she was subjected before the Confederate General Braxton Bragg by the military court sentenced to death. 3 days before execution procedures, the Union throngs saved her on time. To clarify, she was the only female spy who was implemented during the Civil War. If the death sentence was carried out on time!

Eileen Collins:

File:Eileen Collins, early NASA portrait.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Eileen Collins was brought up preaching the famous WWII pilots like Amelia Earhart. These include other Women Airforce Service Pilots. They motivated her to earn a pilot’s license after her graduation. During Operation Urgent Fury (Grenada) signed in 1983, Collins flew the plane. It consisted of medical students and their families. But then too “she wasn’t considered as having been in combat”. During 1998, Collins was the first Woman Space Shuttle Commander. Reading her accomplishments are an inspiration&driving force to young women who aim to reach the stars!

That sums up my list of the 7 Most Inspiring Female Veterans of All Ages. In short, women have achieved so much despite facing many hurdles in their journey. These women show us that there ain’t any differences between men and women. Above all, this encourages every woman to achieve great heights in their fields of interest!

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