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Expired Food You Can Still Eat

Thinking of getting rid of all the expired food in your fridge? Stop right there. Those little numbers stamped on those packets do not always mean that after a certain time they become unconsumable. A lot of these foods still remain in edible conditions even after crossing their supposedly “shelf-life”  and in fact, a lot of food wastage occurs from this. These dates are just a tentative time by when the food will be i8n its best quality. After that, it might lose its taste but it does not mean that they cannot be ingested.  The quality might also degrade but it certainly does not mean that consumption of these might result in harming your body. For most of the middle-class people, which is currently the most number in this world, it is better if we can last our food for more days than throw it away. So here goes the list of what foods you might still keep from that freezer of yours and save a bit of money on your next visit to the supermarket.


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Firstly, my heartiest condolences to lactose-intolerant people. For the rest of you guys, pizzas, sandwiches, pasta, lasagnas are gonna and all those foods dripping with cheese can adorn your dining tables even after the expiration dates on your cheddar. Trust me, even if there’s a little bit of mold growing on the corner of the cheese it’s still safe to consume, provided you get rid of the mold first. Don’t ever waste parmesan again.


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Goes without saying, food is canned so that it lasts long. So those have really long shelf lives. You wanna might save upon those in case there’s ever a chance of an apocalypse or a nuclear fight.

Jokes apart, canned goods include all kinds of food, so you can have your fair share of meat and salmon. Only thing is, it might not be the healthy diet you are hoping for, but then food is heaven, right foodies?


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Remembering throwing out half a packet of the loaf just because it turned stale and also, according to the date on the wrapping, it was expired? Well, next time onwards, try saving that for croutons to go with your soup. Stale bread can be consumed only if it does not taste bad or smell so too. In any other cases, one of your breakfast these days can still contain stale bread French toast. Believe me, it won’t taste half as bad as you think.


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Another dairy product which might remain alright for quite a long time. In case it opened up, it might have a chance of going bad, but in unopened ones, it remains fresh for a long time. Better if stored in freezers, it can then last even up to months.  In case it has crossed the best by date, check if it smells right and tastes right. If these two tests turn out to be positive, no one’s stopping you from making three more smoothies for the day.


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There’s a sale in the cereal aisle and you afraid to stock up? Go on, buy your favorite one as many as you want, cause these babies to outlast themselves. Once opened, these might go stale after a certain amount of time, but it will still make a perfect breakfast, or who knows, even dinner?



Oh no, never throw these out. They have been carefully made, processed in factories and packaged with preservatives to remain on that shelf of yours for long periods of time. It does not contain water, so it can stay for years on put, and you can easily even extend the dates. Check for odor or molds and happily go on with your lasagnas, if tested negative.


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All the chocolate lovers and sweet-toothed people here’s your thing. Chocolate can never go bad. And take this from a chocolate-lover herself, you can have it irrespective of what the date label says. Even if you see chocolate bloom, which is basically white mold growing on chocolate, cut that part out and devour the rest.  One commination: NEVER EVER WASTE CHOCOLATE.



Hey junk eaters, good news for you too. Your chips have a longer shelf life than those little stamped up numbers.  If those packets remain unopened for a long time, in case, then they can be eaten even after quite some time has passed. It remains as long as the oil remains good in them. Check out for bad smell and crumbliness.

Keep a lookout for smells and taste in the foods rather than their dates. Those help you more in recognizing expired foods. Save as much food as you can as this is the cause a lot of food is wasted across the world. Also, do not kill yourself by having easily expired foods like fish, meat or milk; just have the ones that can last long enough on your shelf.

Good day, foodies and happy munching.

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