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Don’t take your phone to bed

The most important gadget today, which one cannot live without is a cell phone. With improving technology, the petite cell phone handset has now undergone several transformations and is now a smartphone. It not only helps us connect to people, but also to the world by just a nick of time. With so much dependence on phones, we cannot leave them away for a single moment. It doesn’t matter if we are idle or sitting among a bunch of people, the phone has become our only company. Most teens and young adults are customed to use their phones right from when they open their eyes till they go off to sleep.

But recent studies show that our smartphone can cause serious issues if stayed closer to it for long duration especially at nights. Taking our phone to bed can do more harm than good.

You are continuously exposed to radiations

The electromagnetic radiations that are emitted by these devices to send and receive signals are extremely threatening to health. Studies show that these radiations do not generate energy that can cause DNA damage leading to cancer. But it could allow tumors to grow and lead to several changes to the human brain. Studies also show that exposure to cell phones for long periods could lead to fertility problems, impaired memory and hearing impairments.

Children should be kept away from mobile phones since they have thin skulls and a developing brain. Hence they are highly vulnerable to radiations causing the malformation of the brain.

Takes a toll on your sleep

Sleep is regulated by our body by production of a hormone called the melatonin. This hormone is generally made during night. But due to the emission of blue light from your phone screens, it is found that the melatonin production is suppressed. Hence it is advised to use blue light filters on screens. Also you should prevent staying on phone just before an hour you go to sleep.

Low Quality Sleep

We often wake up at night due to those new notifications that we receive from our social media. It prevents us to get uninterrupted sleep. Less sleep could lead to fatigue, less concentration problems and illness. This leads to a reduction of REM sleep. REM sleep plays an important role in storing long term memories and is linked to creativity and problem solving skills.

Also, lack of good quality sleep can further risk your health to cause insomnia, obesity, dementia, diabetes and depression.

Sleep texting is a common problem faced by people.They tend to make calls and send texts without being in consciousness.

Avoiding phones in your bedrooms

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You can invest in an inexpensive alarm clock than using alarms on your phone to wake you up.

Make sure you keep your phones as far as possible. Keep your phones in airplane modes whenever possible.

Also, you should prevent talking on phones, listening to music for long hours. Charging your phone on your bed at night is very hazardous. Several cases have occurred in which the battery of the phone blasts due to overcharging and phones catching fire. People don’t even realize this when they are in sleep!


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