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Does fashion and lifestyle go hand in hand?

Are Fashion and lifestyle patterns interlocked?

Have you wondered why you wear formals to a meeting and comfortable jeans and tee for a chit chat with your friend? Why one does so many efforts, to look nice on a date and casually goes to eat on the street. Think, think again, the key to all such queries is the same. Fashion and lifestyle go hand in hand. They are inseparable as one automatically connects to the other. It is more of a lock-key relationship one truly approves the other. Let’s have a look at what they mean individually, to get a broader sense of the topic and then how beautifully one intervenes with others to make lasting impressions.

What is fashion?

Before diving into further details, let us first try to express what the word fashion means. Is it just the outer appearance of a person or one must include other things also? Fashion as a word has many varied descriptions, as, stars in the sky. But one generally accepted is, the way you present yourself to the world. The manner you clothe in, the way you accessorize, the color of your shoes, the hairstyle you prefer and so many other related things. But that is not all. It is more.

It is to be comfortable in your own skin. To present to the universe who you truly are.                                                           


What if lifestyle?

To begin with, the primal question of this relation let us try to understand what you decode by the broader meaning of lifestyle. It is actually a combination of two words life and style. In more simple terms it is a way of living our life. It accounts for the food you eat, the house you own, the car you drive and many such varied dimensions. It’s a much broader term to encompass the style of the living. This is in direct consonance with the term fashion we earlier discussed. If fashion is all about your accessories, the shoes we walk in and the style statements we make in a day then lifestyle asserts the cause behind it.

How does lifestyle affect fashion and vice versa?

  • Does your mood-swing affect your choices?

A person’s mood-swing determines what color is to be worn for any prescribed occasion he/she is planning to attend.  Why go for hip hop when you want to have some fun, jazz in romantic times and slow soothing tracks encountering breakup? The basis for both choices is the same. Our day-to-day choices usually reflect our behavior and thought processes. When you feel sad, black is your favorite color; when feeling happy, your hand would shift to bright colors automatically. So it is right to say that both, our mood and fashion sense, are deeply connected.

  • Does economic status has a role to play?

That makes up to another question on the aspect of how then one’s economic status impacts the fashionable outings they own. The more sound you are financially the more high-end brands the wardrobe will reveal. Money matters as it gives us endless choices. The quality of the clothes will be superior, with a wider range of variety to select from and lastly, you can shop to your heart’s content. (Every girl’s dream.)Here's Why Modest Fashion and Ethics Need to Go Hand-in-Hand ...

But money is not everything, no amount of money can buy you a good mood or good fashion sense, for that matter. Nothing can substantiate your preferences and likings. The mind will juggle with the heart only.

This boils us down to our starting question of why we dress up in formals for a meeting and casuals for a chit chat with a buddy. This is because the style of living is reflected by fashion choices and vice versa. It is about the decorum of place, the meaning of life at a particular place. The style is defined by life and life indirectly influences fashion. The way we present to the world is truly the manifestation of our lifestyle and the words fashion and lifestyle will be bonded forever and always.

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