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Cultural Cuisine of Uttar Pradesh : Daal Bhaat


India is famous for its sacrifices, culture, tradition, festivals and most important the cuisine. Above all cultural cuisine. In this era of pizzas, burgers, and fries, there are people who do follow their cultural cuisines. One of the most highlighted cuisines is “Daal Bhaat”.Image result for DAAL BHAAT Daal Bhaat is the only dish that people cook in almost every home of Uttar Pradesh, and the dish everyone loves.  This easy to cook dish hardly takes ten minutes. The cultural aspect is somewhere absent in this generation, but there are few people in between us who are holding their roots.


Daal Bhaat is not just a dish but it’s an emotion for the people of Uttar Pradesh. Many say this wholewheat beaut is the most delicious cuisine of the state. The population of UP treats Daal Bhaat as their staple diet. It is the most basic diet for the crowd of UP. This protein-enriched diet constitutes yellow lentils and white rice, the best substitute for rice is millets. This phenomenal combination is the most accepted diet. According to a survey around 86% of the UP’s population are following their roots. There are many combinations to try, Daal Bhaat can be served with pickle or salad which gives a final touch to the dish.

OTHER BEST KNOWN DELICIOUS CUISINES : Image result for Daal Bati Chokha

Not only Daal Bhaat, but there are also many cultural dishes coming from the uncountable corners of the nation. Being specific “Daal Bati Chokha” is a dish that can cut you’re craving within seconds. Bati, in the end, is nothing but a roasted flour which is enriched with multiple vitamins. Chokha is a mashed vegetable comprising of potato, tomato, onion, and many riches vegetables.

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This current generation is a huge fan of fast food…and it’s pretty visible that we are abolishing our cultural past just to build a new future.

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Still, there are people between us who are fighting with us, for us. According to a survey the upcoming generation is moving towards fast food and forgetting the roots. It’s our responsibility to look over it and to guide our young minds in the right direction.

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Food craving is a factor where the crowd can fight with their taste buds to experience a new feat. The only misconception which this generation has is, their craving can get fulfilled only by junk foods. On a serious note, the level of personal satisfaction which comes by our cultural dishes cannot be defeated by the current cuisines..

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