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Covid-19 Isolation affecting Sports persons or not.

Isolation helping against corona.



For the very first time, the whole human race is in danger. We are in a crisis. Coronavirus is affecting humans in bulk. Self-isolation is the only solution, for now, to fight back against this tragic situation. The count is increasing minute-by-minute and only our self-efforts can stop this. Self-isolation is a mode in which every part of society is following.

From industrialists to a common man everyone is in a self-quarantine. Sport is considered an integral part of our life. Whereas for a sportsperson, it is not just their passion but a source of income. Self-isolation has affected their lives not just physically but mentally. Such Isolation directly affects the player in many ways, whether we talk about their strength or their mental stability. We are at the edge of the consequence, where we can lose everything or fight back and win against such a situation.


Being a sportsperson, a regular workout is a must. In such havoc conditions when we are not left out with any solution except isolation, there are many drastic changes that our body tries to adapt. Physiological problems like muscle contraction, muscle tear or fatigue condition might occur. If a sportsperson takes a long break from the field then this may affect their cardiovascular metabolism. There are chances one can loose his/her strength. Such conditions are very alarming for a sportsperson.


If we talk about the psychological factors of a sportsperson, the whole critical and creative thinking of an individual gets -affected. Psychological factors directly get affected in a condition like self-isolation. Such isolations generally lead to affect the mental health of a sportsperson massively. Sportsperson generally panics in such a situation, the calmness of an individual gets shattered.


Isolation is a time, where we can explore ourselves. It doesn’t matter that from which background you belong to, but exploring yourself is just like knowing yourself better. The best solution to such conditions is keeping yourself busy. Try to figure out your point of interest other than your field. Keeping ourselves busy from the outside world will positively help us. Now, people generally ask, how one can settle in such conditions.

I suggest it is time when you can generate inner peace with the help of meditation. When people hear out this word, the very first thing which comes into their mind is ‘YOGA’. Here, I would like to come up with the statement ‘YOGA & MEDITATION’ is different. Yoga specifically deals with the inner as well as outer peace, but meditation is something that only deals with inner peace. Inner peace is all those things that characterize a pure soul and the adulterated soul.


If an individual wants to utilize its time in isolation, then he can do self-introspection. Self-introspection is a factor through which we can get to know about our existence. Motivation is a factor that helps us to introspect ourselves. Motivation is the only factor that can help us to survive in a condition like isolation. To generate self -motivation its important to get inner stability which can only get from meditation. Certainly, meditation is a must.


  • Self Introspection is a factor where we get a chance to meet ourselves. With this introspection, we can come up with our good as well as bad deeds.
  • Meditation is the best way to divide time. Meditation is a factor that helps up in getting mental stability and inner peace.
  • Spending time with family is one such factor which lacks in our daily routine. With this, we can spend quality time with our actual supporters.
  • Self-motivation, never try to demotivate yourself, a person who demotivates himself in a loser in his own eyes.
  • Regular exercise, to ignore any muscle tear or any other muscle problem, tries to do regular exercise.

In such a pandemic condition, we have to come together and fight against COVID-19, one silly mistake will lead to disastrous conditions. Self-isolation is being accepted by everyone. In short, it’s the only way to get out of it. Self Isolation will help us in coming out of this.



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