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Covid- 19 Deaths : Men VS Women


As Covid-19 sweeps across the globe, all under-developed, as well as powerful nations, are shell-shocked. This COVID-19 outbreak has already given many shocks, but researchers and scientists noticed one very astonishing fact, the death toll of men all over the world is more than that of women. Here, a very basic question arises, ‘Why is it so?’. It’s important here to understand that there are some factors due to which we are getting such outputs.

Scientists, who are working on this, could not exactly conclude or finalize the reason. Some are giving biological reasons and some are saying males are less alert as compared to females. One major criterion is ‘Age’, but then how gender is related to it. Comparing with other chronic diseases like cancer, we never received such biased results, then why is it so in this case. Men hospitalized with COVID-19 had a significantly higher mortality rate (9.2%) than women (3.4%).

Currently, we are at a position, where we cannot conclude anything. To understand the risk factor, we have to first understand the gender. To understand the movement of COVID-19 we first have to conclude that on what aspects this difference is coming out. If we look over the stats to date, countries like the USA, Italy, China, UK. If we look over the survey done by US government, 1.5 million corona test were conducted, out of which 56% were females in that only 14% were tested positive, looking on the other side of the coin, out of 44% male tests 23% cases were found corona positive.


Geneticists: sex depends on more than XX or XY chromosome • Earth.com

Men’s contain a pair of X-Y chromosome, on the other hand, women have a pair of XX chromosomes. Research states that an X chromosome bears more than one thousand genes which help in the function of all sorts of metabolism. The presence of two X chromosomes help in providing a buffer if a gene on one X is mutated. This is one such reason, to which males die at a higher rate than females.


Smoking is also considered as one such factor which is leading to more male deaths. Around 20 countries have verified that men are more likely than women to die of the COVID-19. In South Korea, the death toll of men to women has almost reached 2:1; the stat over here is specifically for those who smoked cigarettes.


In the end, the biological factors, one’s lifestyle, and behavior are all likely to play a role in the spreading of this COVID-19.   World Health Organization has also stated that the difference in the behavior is putting men at higher risk for severe COVID-19. The New York City department of health reported 39 female deaths over 100,000 and 71 male death over 100,000. Scientists know that, in general, women tend to have greater and more robust immune responses.

Understanding the sex difference will help in saving the lives. It’s important to understand how the immune system of men and women respond. The immune response to the virus will be very crucial in developing a vaccine. Both men and women respond to a vaccine in a different manner. So, it will be equally important to ensure that sex is taken into account when the vaccine is being processed or tested.

Till now we all have got an idea, how this COVID-19 is changing his movement. Now, it’s up to us how we deal with this pandemic. It is noticed that Males are not taking this pandemic seriously, and are leading their lives just like normal days. Just want to clear; this mindset will surely end up to heaven. It’s a sincere advice, take this pandemic seriously. Let’s come together and fight against this virus so that we can stop this rate of increasing deaths.


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