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Comic-con is the largest comic book and pop-culture convention which is coming to Delhi this weekend (the 15-17) for its 7th edition, straight from the producers of New York Comic Con with a promise to be bigger and better. After successful shows in Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore Delhi commits to be Jam-packed with comics, movies, television, gaming and cosplay. This festival has the most engaged and passionate fans.

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Whoever you are, wherever you are from, whether you read comics or follow the series online, whether you like to read the book or watch the movie or series, whether you like manga or the anime. If pop culture is your escape from the world, your pilgrimage then this is the place for you.

A Jedi or a Sith. An Autobot or a Decepticon. The Tick or the Man. The brilliant yet bizarre Dr. Sheldon Cooper or the high functioning sociopath Sherlock Holmes. Walter White or Dexter Morgan. Light or Dark. Who are you? Where do you stand? Are you S.H.I.E.L.D. or HYDRA? Are you in the ranks of the Green Lantern Corps or the Justice League, the Defenders or the Inhumans, the Suicide Squad or the Teen Titans. Are you from the ranks of the wizarding community or are you a supernatural being? Are you an Avenger or a X-men? You will fit just right in because that is exactly how many experiences and events and exhibitions and opportunities in Comic Con.

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ESL India Premiership is in its last leg with The Winter Season Finale of CS:GO, DOTA-2, Clash Royale. So do not miss out the action and drama that will unfold as the contestants fight each other for the coveted title. AXN Live R.E.D presents exciting and engaging shows zone all complete with the famous ‘voice’ chair and the Sherlock, Vikings, Breaking Bad activity booths. Witness the magnificence of Star Wars in the Star Wars: the Last Jedi zone, where you can get awesome merchandise, cool posters and collectibles, or just take selfies with the stormtroopers or visit the Transformers zone, created exclusively by Hasbro. Maybe these aren’t for you, maybe you don’t impress easy that’s why there is the Amazon Prime video zone replete with race tracks, puzzles, treasure hunts and much more from the best of International Amazon Originals with exciting prizes, or maybe the Mountain Dew gaming truck loaded with 16 screens and 3 VR kits. Maybe that isn’t enough either, for you people Comic Con presents the 360 dome VR zone where the domed projection helps creates an amazing memory. Otherwise you can always volunteer just like the Federation or the Night’s Watch.

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Of course there is an abundance of exhibitors who have come from all around the world to make your weekend special. Starting from the absolute necessities (the MARVEL zone and the DC zone where you can experience your favorite movie magic like never before, the Game of Thrones, Archies Comics, Harry Potter, the souled store) to the luxurious (Vizmed, manga planet, planet super heroes, crossword, CN, Guinness book of records, Sony pictures- Jumanji, Disney – Black Panther & Star Wars). With international guests, Indian artists and web comic series writers and performance by DJ Brixx and EIC this event guarantees the time of our lives.

But the best part and the biggest highlight of Comic Con is and will always be COSPLAY. A means to provide a platform for fans to express themselves in the craziest and the most creative way possible. From being your favorite Manga character or your friendly neighborhood spiderman to comin in as the mother of dragons – Khaleesi – Cosplay as you wish!

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Comic Con Delhi is spread on the NSIC Grounds, Okhla Industrial Estate, New Delhi, from 11A.M. – 8P.M. and passes can be bought online or on the spot. Attend the Comic Con, complete your collections, experience the new age of comics as well as the past and make memories.

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