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Chettinad Towns and Villages: The hidden gems of Tamil Nadu

Chettinad is situated in the South Eastern region of Tamil Nadu. It is to the west of the coastal line of Bay of Bengal in the district of Sivagangai. Initially, it consists of 96 villages. But now due to the movement of people out of certain villages, it has decreased to about 75 villages.

Chettinad has well-planned towns. They are provided with well-defined roadways, reservoirs to store and supply water to the town. In addition, it has a planned market place, temples and everything. It provides the basic needs of people, for instance. In other words, it is a place of peace.

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It is a part of the popular tourist destination. Because of the magnificent Raja’s palace in Kanadukathan and French Art-Deco style palatial homes. These are scattered across the towns and villages. However, there are more than beyond this iconic elements. The charm of the towns and villages of Chettinad is perhaps by the beauty of an overall village landscape. That is by the harmony of architectural elements and urban planning.

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The main streets running from the north to south axis organize the layout of the villages. That is on a grid pattern. With important arches or doors. They face one each other and the with secondary streets. High walls are lined on an East to west axis.

Fame of Chettinad

Chettinad Mansion

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The Chettinad Mansion is one of several old palatial homes. Now it is a heritage hotel. Guests can get a glimpse of the way in which the Nattukottai Chettiars once lived. That is by walking through the original rooms, iron pillared courtyards and large balconies. The traditional mansions of Chettinad have large verandas, pillared passages and rooms. Those can fit thousands of people.

Chidambara Vilas

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Similarly, Chidambara Vilas recreates a real experience of the luxurious Chettinad lifestyles. However, it is a heritage palace that preserves 108 years of history. Enjoy the world-famous Chettinad cuisine. Through three unique dining experiences at Chidambara Vilas. They are interactive, factual and fine dining. Relax in the swimming pool and dive area.

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Saratha Vilas

The Saratha Vilas is built by a wealthy Tamil merchant in the early 1900s. It is a prime example of a luxurious mansion in Chettinad heartland. In addition, the property includes buildings, courtyards and gardens. Therefore, this has been carefully restored into an eight-bedroom boutique hotel by two French architects.

The Bangala

In fact, Bangala is a family-run hotel. That combines traditional Chettiar warmth with modern comforts. For instance, with quaint gardens, old-style furniture and extensive verandahs. In addition, there is much to see and do in Chettinad. The Bangala has local guides who can give you an insider’s view of the area. However, the place is rapidly gaining fame all over the world due to its unique architectural heritage.

Chettinad Chicken

A fiery curry, Chicken Chettinad is one of the most popular dishes. That hails from the South Indian region. Fresh coconut along with a number of spices are used in the preparation of this delicious curry. Similarly, all of these together make this dish a treat for your senses. Serve it with rice or rotis for a hearty and healthy meal.

 The Aesthetic Athangudi Tiles

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Athangudi tiles are the traditional craft. They are multicolour and artistic in nature. For instance, they are handcraft. Artistic and talented craftsmen prepare them using natural colours. The basic ingredient is made with local soil and that is mixed with a few other materials. Therefore, the local soil is the main component.

Chettinad Sarees From The Traditional Looms

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Chettinad weaving has a long history. The Chettinad handloom sarees are traditional cotton. That comes in vital colours and simple dyes. The colour of the saree’s body and the border would be different. Above all, the common patterns seen on these sarees are checks and stripes. Traditional Chettinad sarees are thick weaven.

Chettinad Temple Jewellery

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This very complex jewellery with very distinct artwork. It has originated during the 9th century when Cholas were ruling the Tamil Nadu region. These beautiful jewellery used primarily as ornaments for the gods in the temples. The rulers of South India, especially the Tamil Nadu area had a great love for crafts and craftsmanship. The culture and social structure had great bondage with the temples. That again are great monuments of cultures.

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