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50 Million Light Years Long Galactic Filament Spotted

Ever wonder how we came into existence? The Big Bang is always the first thing that comes to the mind of any person. However, many always discard this theory due to the limited amount of evidence that is present with us. But the astronomers from Germany have presented a new

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Discovery Of The “Cotton-Candy” Planet

What is the "Cotton-Candy" planet? Many beings in our universe, huge and gaseous and smaller, and rocky, have at least some similarity with planets to date. Variations have been based kind of on the main two themes so far. However, another enigmatic and alien planet has been discovered which looks like

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New Species Of Glowing Mushrooms Found In Meghalaya

The wide-ranging forests of Assam are home to the vast diversity of fungi where a new variety of fungi species named Roridomyces phyllostachydis was discovered by the researchers of India and China. This species got its name from “Phyllostachys”, a bamboo under which this fungus is seen. A group of scientists

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