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The Whimsical Relationship Between Covid-19 And Examinations

INTRODUCTION Most news media platforms and observant scholars of the COVID -19 ramification are constantly addressing this issue. One of them being the “student community”. We are hard-hit, especially because we are in the middle of hell and heaven when it comes to our study plans. Institutes are shut, classes are

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In conversation with Ishan Garg student of SPA

Architecture has always been one of the strong suits of India, and imagine being the mastermind behind such a marvellous building. We got lucky to have an interview with Mr. Ishan Garg, a student of the SPA. In conversation with Ishan, we got to know him as a considerate and

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21 Students From SRM Chennai Choosen For Harvard Internship

Everyone pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Technology has a dream of making it to the Ivy League colleges one day. Well, who doesn't wanna visit esteemed colleges like Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Duke et al. (Stanford, MIT, Duke aren't Ivy League). It doesn't matter which college you're studying from when it

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