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Bundi: Rajasthan’s Undiscovered Gem


Bundi, a must-visit place in Rajasthan. It is a town in the Hadoti region. This city is named after the name of the great king that is Maharaja Bunda Meena.

It is surrounded by the Aravalli hills on the three sides and is circumscribed by a massive wall with four gateways.  Bundi is famous for the different types of impressive medieval forts, palaces, Havelis and temples with the carved pillar. It shows the beauty of the Rajasthan. The beauty of this city also shows the culture of the people living here from the past years. Because of its beauty, even people from foreign countries visit here. It is very famous for intricate carvings and murals….

Bundi is a place in rajasthan. it is a very beautiful place.

Stone age tools dating from 5000 to 200000 years are also found in the city.

Places you must visit:-

Raniji Ki Baori

Raniji ki Baori Bundi - A Magnificent Queen's Well, Must Visit Place

Raniji ki Baori, also known as ‘Queen’s Stepwell’, is a famous stepwell built-in 1699 by Rani Nathavati Ji. It has a great structure. The multi-storied stepwell also displays excellent carvings of Gajraj with his trunk turned inward, giving the impression of having drunk from the Baori. It is a multi-storeyed structure with places of worship on each floor. It’s a high arched gate that also gives it a nice inviting appearance.

Dabhai Kund

Dabhai Kund is also known as Jai kund. The shape of the kund is an inverted pyramid. Kund consist of so many stairs going down and down. It is the largest of its kind in Bundi, which acts as a window into the magnificent past of the place. It has a great tourist attraction.  The carving which is made in the stairs is fair enough to attract the visitors here. The visit will make you aware of the grandeur and splendour of Rajput kings.

Taragarh Fort

Taragarh Fort, Bundi | Cultural heritage of Rajasthan - Travel ...

Taragarh is one of the most impressive structures in Bundi also known as Star Fort. It was constructed in 16th century. Its beauty simply attracts people. It looks like surrounded by the forests because of its greenery. It is built at the elevation of 1,426 foot.  With its carved roofs topping pavilions, excess of temple column and elephant and lotus motifs are of world top class. This palace is a well-paid tribute to Rajput Style.

Sukh Mahal

Bundi Tourism: Bundi Fort, Palace, Places to Visit in Bundi ...

Sukh Mahal, a small, two-storied palace was a summer retreat of past rulers. It is located opposite to Jai Mandir. It is quite beautiful and full of facilities because of its magnificent structure. The gate of Sukh Mahal are made up of sandalwood wood that adds fragrance to the surrounding area. The sculptures of elephants that are very beautiful and have been also used in many places in the palace.

Famous food of Bundi:-

Bundi has a good taste of food also. people prefer veg and non veg both here.

There are lots of food famous in this region. You will get all the varieties of food here.

Bundi cuisine is predominantly vegetarian. Dal-Bati is the stable food of this region. A number of mouth-watering sweets are also prepared. Some of the important Bundi cuisines are Laapsi, Nukhti, Chaavadi, Dhungari Chhaachh etc.

Non-vegetarian cuisine is also in great demand. The food here is made mostly in locally grown ingredients like beans and lentils. Here are some of the non-vegetarian food in Bundi cuisine:-

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  1. Laal Maans – It is a meat dish in a curry of red chillies.
  2. Mohan Maans – A dish of meat cooked in milk.
  3. Safed Maans – A dish of meat that is cooked in curd.
  4. Khad Khargosh – Wild hare is roasted in cooked.5.
  5. Saanth Ro Achar – Wild boar meat is pickled and eaten.

Festivals of Bundi:-


Bundi Festival is an integral part of the culture of the Rajasthan. There are many festivals and fairs that are hosted almost throughout the year.

Glimpses of Bundi Utsav 2018 | नखराली बूंदी - YouTube

One of the most popular festivals of the Bundi, that is Kajli Teej. This festival is celebrated in the month of August. A large and colourful procession is brought out on this day and people from all part of the city come to participate in the festivities. Decorated animals like camels and elephants are also brought out in the procession.

The Gangaur festival is another festival that is celebrated with vigour and enthusiasm. The festival marks the holy culparticipate in the festivities to enhance the general welfare of their families.

Culture of Bundi:-

Bundi city has a rich cultural and traditional background. The people and culture of Bundi are deeply interlinked with each other. People here are simple and follow many customs. The culture of Bundi is varied and beautiful that is related to our history. The costumes that people adorn are colourful. Music is an integral part of the cultural scenario. Many renowned Vocalists and Musician belong to Bundi in Rajasthan that is the beauty of the place.

Apart from music, painting is also widely practised in the city. Influences of the Mughal painting are visible in the various painting of Bundi. The Bundi School of Painting is one of the important cultural expression of the city because of its fine and beautiful painting.

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In the end…..

I must say, It’s a worth place to visit and know about the culture of India and the Veer Rajpoot (Rajput) that is every Indian should know. So, what are you waiting for, must plan a trip to Bundi with your friends and family…!!!!!