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Bezos -Man behind Amazon: In India

INTRODUCTION:Jeff Bezos, founder and chief executive of Amazon.com, right, speaks as Amit Agarwal, head of Amazon India, listens during the opening session of the company’s Sambhav event in New Delhi on January 15. Photo: Bloomberg


Amazon’s CEO Mr. Bezos a self-made business tycoon is here in India, every year millions of young minds groom, it is just a matter of giving the right direction. Mr. Bezos is here in India to help such people out and provide them the requirements so that they can easily part their line of success. Mr. Bezos left no stone unturned to greet success. India is ranked 68th out of 140 countries in World Trade by World Economic Forum (WEF) IN 2018. This is a pride moment for India.Jeff Bezos IAC 2019



Amazon CEO Mr. Bezos firstly went to Mahatma Gandhi’s memorial in Delhi. His tweet,  “Just landed in India and spent a beautiful afternoon paying my respects to someone who truly changed the world. “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” – Mahatma Gandhi” attracted many eyes across the nation.

Mr. Bezos is here for a two-day flagship event which is being organized by the company for small and medium businesses. The event will get a key-start in Delhi on Wednesday, he is expected to meet the policymakers, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding the same and discuss the proceedings.


Jeff Bezos India

Talking about upcoming deals, the company plans to shower $1 billion into small businesses in the country over the next five years. Amazon is actually focusing on how to help small and medium-scale businessmen so that they can furnish themselves in the world market. According to Mr. Bezos, there are More than 5 lakh sellers which use the Amazon India marketplace, and more than  60 thousand Indian manufacturers and brands that export products to customers worldwide using the company’s platform.

By helping such small scale businesses, Amazon can up-bring more than 10 million local businesses online by 2025. Mr. Bezos also said the investment could help traders export $10 billion in Indian-made goods in the next five years, bolstering Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s campaign to “Make in India”. Amazon’s $1 billion-dollar pledge is the latest move by the company in its battle for a piece of the vast economy. Amazon has already committed more than $5 billion to grow its business in India.

Though there are many promises it’s important to see how many of them are fulfilled… At the end of the day, we never count how many promises were there, but we will surely count how many of them are actually left out!!



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