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Best Place To Visit In Bali

“BALI” the dream destination of many folks around us is a remarkably magnificent Island in Indonesia located to the west of Java in the Lesser Sunda Islands. One cannot deny the fact that it is one of the top desired vacation islands popularly known as Traveller’s Paradise. To begin with, you can find it’s beauty in the beaches to the coral reefs, from the mountains to the rice paddies, and much more. Bali is so rich in flora and fauna, is also a part of the Coral Triangle as one can witness the highest biodiversity of Marine species there.

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Culture And Tradition

The Bali trip isn’t considered complete if you don’t witness the raw and real Balinese culture. So, for the people who prefer having a relaxing day or evening without getting bored, these are one of the best things you can add to your To-do list of Bali.

  • Cultural Evening At Hotel Tugu Bali | The Bali Bible

Hotel Tugu:-

This is the first and only Indonesian luxury hotel which provides you the enjoyment of witnessing the local culture. Every Thursday night, the hotel arranges some mesmerizing dance performances through which they convey some historic stories of their ancestors.

Badung Market:-

This market is present in Denpasar and is also the largest market over there. It has a variety of things starting from art pieces to kitchenware, Garage sale of island goods. There are some religious and ritual items present whose basic ideas were derived from historic pieces present which are now preserved.


Must Watch Sites

There are some pretty amazing sites which one should not miss at any cost. Most of the Bali tour packages include these charming spots.

Tanah Lot Temple:-

For the people following spiritual beliefs, this place brings peace to their eyes, and the best part being, it is surrounded by the sea waves, accompanied beautifully by an overwhelming sunset making it a perfect Bali location for all age groups. There are some more temples present there which have a great scenic view like Uluwatu Temple, Besakih Temple.Tanah Lot Temple, Bali Paradise - Ultimate Platform Reference for Holidays in Bali

Tegallalang Rice Terraces:-

You can find this place in Ubud. These rice terraces are spread wide across the valley and offer the best views one can witness there.

Ubud Monkey Forest:-

Ubud is also popular for Fauna and especially Monkeys(specifically Macaques). This sanctuary has been preserved and looked after by a community-based management program. Tourists have quality time being a part of nature, watching the playfulness of Monkeys, and also enjoy the historic ancient temples present inside. Ubud also presents an art market present in the heart of the town which works as a cherry on the cake for art lovers and collectors.Ubud Monkey Forest - The Good, The Bad & The Bananas


Bali’s second tallest peak “Mount Batur” can be found in the village of Kintamani. This mountain village offers some amazing view-points called ‘Penelokan’ (meaning scenic stopover). One can get some jaw-dropping views of Batur caldera lake, black molten rocks, and dark lava slopes.

Bali Safari and Marine Park:-

It is Bali’s largest animal theme park. If you are looking out for an adventurous safari ride and thrill, this is the most suitable option out there. After having a look at the 60 species present there, families can also enjoy different rides in the Amusement park present nearby. The park also has a special space reserved for aquatic life there. Tourists can get a look at some specimens such as Piranhas.

Kuta and Seminyak Beach :-

Now, for the beach lovers and who like having a spice of surfing in their lives, Kuta beach offers all of these with an added touch of beautiful nightlife. The adventure quotient has made these beaches even more popular. There are many of them in Bali like Balangan beach, Nusa Dua, Sanur beach, and many more.The 10 Best Surf Spots in Bali : Do Not Miss Out!

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