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Best PC games like Age of Empires in 2019

The Age Of Empire franchise broadened the horizons of the Real Time Strategy genre. The immersive campaigns and various civilizations with various game-modes in multiplayer made it endless fun. These are titles that you should definitely play if you love Age of Empires.

Age of Mythology

Age of Mythology was made by the studios who created the Age of Empires series with a little twist by focusing upon mythology. This Real-Time Strategy is a perfect alternative to the Age of Empires. You play as one of Norse, Greek and Egyptians civilizations with the option of selecting major and minor gods from your civilization that grant bonuses. Your focus is to conquest, manage and thrive for your beliefs.

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Rise of Nations

For those who wanted modernism and more depth to the franchise then Rise of Nations is a perfect choice for you. This game introduces new concepts like territories, merchants, rare resources, nukes and more in-depth gameplay elements. Rise of Nations was released as a spiritual successor to Age of Empires. The campaign has turn-based elements that emphasize more on strategic elements. With Ages from Ancient Age to Information Age, Units from Hoplites to Stealth Bombers and Buildings from temple to Missile Silo, this game is totally worth a play.

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The Command and Conquer Series

One of the strategy genre’s memorable milestone was this game release in 1995. You have to construct bases and acquire resources for the production of forces to conquer enemy bases. The Simplistic gameplay results in a variety of strategies and a lot of fun in multiplayer mode. The C&C series has world record on guinness book for “Biggest Selling RTS Series” and “Most Number of Platforms for an RTS”.This is game is a visit to the past and a worthwhile experience.

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The Starcraft Series

One of the classics among all the strategy games the Starcraft series has a fair share of contribution to the world of strategy games. The amount of tasks that you can micro-manage is insane and that’s what makes this one very skill based. With multiple expansions and multiplayer having millions of players in the community. The Earth at the 24th century in war with alien races is one of the coolest settings for an RTS. You should at least try Starcraft as a Real Time Strategy genre fan.

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The Empire Earth Series

Around 5,00,000 years of world history, from the prehistoric age and to space age with 14 epochs. It presents a decent campaign with a lot of variety, the economic model is reformed and overall it’s worth a play.

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0 A.D.

This game was supposed to be a mod for Age of Empires: Age of Kings. The game engine has as really alluring graphics and is always updated by the modders. Also, the game is open-source on Sourceforge. As an indie game which started development in 2010, it has received critical reception. You will be playing as one of the 13 antiquity era civilizations. As an open-source game, even you can contribute to the cause of this open source marvel.

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The Anno Series

You play as a country defending against rivals and engaging on both land and sea. You are in the Renaissance era, the empire building periods of history. The game has a great aesthetic to the architecture of buildings. The earlier instalments of series explore the past and the latest instalments focussed upon possible future.

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The Stronghold Series

The game is set in the era of middle ages and crusades. You buildup strongholds with limited resources, there are many ways you can gather and spend such resources. Like, resources can be used to build a stronger defence. If you play defensively then this is really worth a try.

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The Cossacks Series

You play as one of the 14 nations of Europe in the middle ages, about 70 units, 140 buildings and 100 technologies, this game is massive. It can hold massive battles with up to 10k units at once and you can play with up to 8 friends in multiplayer. With random maps and terrain bonuses, it has a mediocre reception. But sure it’s a nice experience.

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