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Believing Everyone’s Wrong Is Danger Sign


The human mind is one of the most complex wonders which no could understand it completely. This mind is just a secret puzzle those who can solve this wins the race of life and those who cannot keep on running in their life. Keeping the mind in control is one of the biggest challenges one faces in their life. Experts estimate that about 50,000 thoughts occur in a human mind in a day which is an average of 2100 in an hour. The mind can think of these many thoughts without being tired so in this condition it is quite difficult for a person to keep their mind in control. So, in this case, it is most obvious that your mind will get diverted or will have too many negative thoughts, one such thought is believing everyone else is wrong is a danger sign.

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Believing Everyone is Wrong is Danger Sign

Sometimes what happens is people tends to think that they are self-confident and knows what is right for them and what is wrong? They believe that everyone else is wrong and only they are correct they know everything they cannot be wrong about anything. But this is one of the most dangerous signs. This makes them ruin their life. Those who think their opinions are superior and think everyone else is wrong makes themselves limited to a certain amount of knowledge they have and cannot learn anything further. This is called belief superiority effect. Michael Hall and Kaitlin Raimi set out to check in a series of experiments in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.

The researchers distinguish “belief superiority” from “belief confidence” (thinking your opinion is correct). Belief superiority is relative – it is when you think your opinion is more correct than other people’s; the top end of their belief superiority scale is to indicate that your belief is “Totally correct (mine is the only correct view)”.

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So, the ultimate point I am trying to make is that it is not good for any being to feel superior because it is said that you can never be a leader by believing you to be superior to others but by believing that you can learn. Life is all about growing till your last breath, just learning every day is how you grow. So, you should always keep yourself open to learn this can only be possible if and only if you don’t have the superiority complexation. You must understand at some point in time that you can be wrong others can be right for the sake of your progress you must learn to accept that. And of course, it is clear from the above that believing everyone else is wrong is danger sign indeed.


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