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Spanish Island Lanzarote

The Spanish Island- Lanzarote An Oasis

Hola Amigos! I know when we hear Spain, we all go tap dancing thinking about European streets, Spanish folks singing and dancing...Mediterranean cuisine like Tortilla Española, Pasta, and of course Churros!!! But hold on...a Spanish oasis, well yeah Spain offers a perfect beach vacay too. No, it's not your regular island

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Recipe To Make Millionaires Squares

May the Millionaire Square force be with you. Recipe Alert! And sweet-tooths this one will surely brighten up your day. This shortbread biscuit+caramel+chocolate tower is here to win your hearts and calm our cravings. Primary Ingredient:- CARAMEL Confectioners created sweet-gold when they thought of Caramel. It's magical how this delightful syrup can add

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Vegan Lemon Muffins Sky Blue Spirulina Recipe

When life gives you lemons, this time...make lemon muffins out of it.  A healthy option can make sure of a wealthy, sound body. Vegan foods are trending and are very beneficial for the human body. Because of its rich nutrients and fibre content, it helps to maintain good body weight as

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Best Trilogies To Watch

This world pandemic left us with our TVs, laptops, tablets, and of course our smartphones. There's a lot of time to binge-watch but what's worth watching? Well, we've got all covered for you. With some of the binge-worthy trilogies. So you can entertain yourselves with your loved ones. Or enjoy

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The Most Comprehensive Map Of Moon’s Geology

The U.S. Geological Survey released the most comprehensive Moon Map called the Unified Geologic Map of the Moon, on April 20. This huge paintball brings a massive revolution to map the roads of our beloved neighborhood satellite. These splashes of colors determine the discrete rock or sediment formation, including craters, basins,

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Raluca Ada Popa: Mastermind That Trailed Encryption In Computer Security Design

Engineering is no easy cake. Which states that this technical job needs passionate brains. We are experiencing a huge technological advancement in industries nowadays. As a result of which we see people engaging themselves in this field more and more. Women are breaking the barriers and are doing a flawless

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