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ISRO Chandrayaan 2 Touching Down Moon’s South Pole

The proudest moment for India as Chandrayaan 2 launched by ISRO on 22nd July will be touching down on the south pole of the moon. This historic event will take place around 1:50 am on the morning of Saturday. The Chandrayaan is a three-module spacecraft consisting of orbiter, rover, and

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Hornbill Festival

WHEN IS HORNBILL 2019? The sensational Hornbill Festival will commence this year on Sunday,1 December and ends on Tuesday, 10 December. WHAT IS HORNBILL FESTIVAL? Hornbill festival is a fusion of cultural exhibit under one roof. Hornbill festival is celebrated in "Kisama Village, the Naga Heritage Village", which is approximately 12 kilometres from Kohima. This

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Role of Social Media in Elections

Elections are coming in India, everywhere we see hoardings and posters of different political parties, we see rallies and all other things related to their advertisement, if we go 20 years back advertisement for elections were completely different, there was not much electronic medium for advertisements but unlike those times,

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