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"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." Enriched and quality education is an absolute necessity: truth being told, an exemplary source of education is as necessary as anything else. The significant gift of learning is the fundamental right of every single person in existence, and taking a step forward in

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Ritu Raman: The Force Behind The BioBot Revolution

“Technical innovation can drive positive social change, and this inspires me to help democratize and diversify STEM innovation and education around the world”, says Ritu Raman, the force behind the BioBot revolution. With a passion for bio-hybrid designing and architecture, she aims to develop robots which are extremely dynamic in nature.

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The Future Of The Traditional Periodic Table

THE TRADITIONAL PERIODIC TABLE Post 150 years of the existence of the Periodic Table, it has more stories hidden behind its structured rows and columns, than the numbers of elements altogether. We are approaching the future of the traditional periodic table. Having a look at the traditional version might take you

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The Most Extravagant Stepwells In India

India has been home to numerous great civilizations. As a result, India has contributed something extraordinary to the grandeur of world architecture. Reflecting the importance of water in India, ‘stepwells’ are another feature that tells us some unsung facts from the culture of our country. Known variously as baoris, baolis

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Government Of India launches National AI Portal

The Government of India has recently launched a National Artificial Intelligence Portal, IndiaAI, providing all the AI-related resources under one roof. When it comes to the possible practices of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the purpose of analyzing, reasoning, and learning by machines without the intervention of humans, there are innumerable

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”If everything in life was perfect, it would’ve ceased to be called life.” CHANGE: quite daunting, intimidating, and yet emboldening. Who wouldn’t want a change if it comes with ease, effortlessness, brings luxury, and simplicity into our lives? Change is something that demands constant dedication, commitment, allegiance, and enthusiasm. Hence, companies talking about

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