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What is Quantum Supremacy?

Quantum computers Quantum computers work differently from classical computers we work on today. They can easily tackle computational problems that may be tough for the classical computer by exploiting the principles of quantum mechanics. Quantum computers don't appear as if desktops or laptops that we associate the word ‘computer’ with. Instead, they

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The most amazing movies to watch this year

The most awaited movies are here to make you entertained, then go ahead to your soul feast! Underwater Genre: Action, Adventure, Mystery, Horror, and Suspense. An earthquake destroys the underground laboratory. Results in a team of aquatic researchers who should work to get to safety but it has more than the ocean seabed

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Chettinad Towns and Villages: The hidden gems of Tamil Nadu

Chettinad is situated in the South Eastern region of Tamil Nadu. It is to the west of the coastal line of Bay of Bengal in the district of Sivagangai. Initially, it consists of 96 villages. But now due to the movement of people out of certain villages, it has decreased

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