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Signs That Einstein’s Theory Of Gravity Was Right.

Earlier to Einstein, space was looked like a drab and unchanging piece of study. As Isaac Newton stated it two eras before. Newton streamed its peculiar stride, ignorant to the chronometers that restrained it. Nonetheless, Einstein saw space and time as a single lively stage. Space-Time upon which substratum and

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Things You experience When You Move To Chennai

Temple trails, Rajnikanth-devotees, 200% succulence all-year-long, Jallikattu all these terminologies become familiar to an individual when they shift to “Namma Chennai”. These are just some of the characters that well defines the “Cultural hub of South India”. Not so different from any other city, Chennai is also deeply-connected in preserving

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Kabir Singh- An Overrated Movie?

A success/critically acclaimed film: Shahid Kapoor's recent outing titled Kabir Singh garnered plain reproach and criticism from the critics. It was mainly seen down for 'relentlessly glorifying noxious chauvinism'. Despite the negative analyses, the movie had a red-carpet welcome at the box-office. A whopping total of 20.21 crores was marked during

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