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Virupaksha Temple: One Of The Oldest Functioning Temples Of India

Virupaksha temple is located at the foot of Hemakuta hills, along the southern bank of river Tungabhadra, in Hampi, Karnataka. It is one of the oldest shrines that are active to worship to this date. The temple enjoys the status of World Heritage Site by UNESCO. History & Structure It is said

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The GenomeAsia 100K Project

Genes, that forms the basis of our core, have always been mysterious and intriguing for our researchers. Every now and then, our researchers do their best to unravel the mystery that revolves around genes and the GenomeAsia 100K Project is another step in this direction. Similar projects, that include Ashkenazi

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Fun learning for toddlers

They say learning starts in the cradle and I completely agree with the notion. As soon as the baby leaves the womb his growth has already started. And it is our responsibility to guide him in the right direction. The problem comes with the method. Which technique would be adequate

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