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Audi E-Tron Scooter : The Future Of E-Scooters

As the natural resources of the earth are decrementing every day and global-warming is increasing exponentially in the world, Automobile companies are nowadays, trying to create cars which can run on electricity and which are provided with Artificial Intelligence to increase efficiency and provide a better experience to the owners.

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So to give a safer and enjoyable experience in a segway scooter, Audi is going to launch its

Own scooter named “Audi e-Tron Scooter” based on Artificial Intelligence.

Here is a glimpse of how scooter looks and why it is so good as compared to other scooters:-

Credits: YOUCAR


It has a bold-design consisting of 4 wheels, which will solve the main stability issues preventing crashes and scooters toppling in streets. Users can also ride with one-hand, making it easier to signal with others. Handle can control the acceleration and brake of the device. It will have a top speed of over 12.5 mph. Scooter also consists of headlight, rear, front-brake light and LED light. It will weigh around 12kgs so you can fold it and keep it at small places.


If you want to have a luxurious experience, you need to pay for it. The E-Tron Scooter will be priced at €2,000 (around $2,200, £1,800, AU$3,300).

Comparing to Bird Two Scooter, which is set at a bargainous price of $1,299 (about £1,000, AU$1,900).

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Cars, Bikes, and Scooters powered by electricity tackle the problem by assuring 0% emission of harmful gases, which can solve major Global warming problems. By using E-Scooters for short distance traveling, it overcomes the problem of traffic block in busy areas of Big Cities. Its maintenance cost will be way lower than Cars. Due to no emission, it also assures Health Benefits.


The skateboard crossbreeds are gaining popularity day by day, but they also face major issues like burning of batteries, wheels getting broken, Early Battery Drainage and System Malfunctioning. Audi has over-priced its product, by which users will hesitate to buy the product and it could also decline the usage of E-Scooters in the future.

Question To Ponder Upon:

Will the E-Scooters become the next trending thing after Tik-Tok?

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