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Army Day and its Importance

Army Day, which is commended on the 15th of January every year holds a great significance. It is celebrated at all Army Command headquarters to honor our country’s soldiers who have always been a true model of selfless service and brotherhood, and above all, love for the country.

The History

India attained independence on August 15 1947, after a long battle with the British rule. At the time of independence, there was huge chaos everywhere. Due to people migrating towards Pakistan, many administrative problems started arising and as a result, army had to come to action to control the situation, so that peace can be ensured during partition.

At the time of Indian independence, the command of the Indian army was in the hands of ‘British General Sir Francis Butcher’. So, this was the right time to hand over the power to the Indians. This saw ‘Field Marshal K.M Cariappa’ becoming the first Indian Army Chief of independent India on 15 January 1949. From then on, this Historic moment was decided to be celebrated as Army Day.

Brief about Field marshal K.M CARIAPPA

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Kodandera Madappa Cariappa was born on January 28, 1899. He spent his childhood in Coorg, a beautiful district of Karnataka. After completing his secondary education at Madikeri, he joined Presidency College in Madras for higher education. It was here that he learnt about recruitment into the Indian Army as officers. Hardworking and extremely dedicated, he quickly became one of the best cadets in the batch, excelling in subjects such as battle tactics, military strategy, leadership techniques and administrative skills. He was one of the most decorated generals of his time. He is a man known for many firsts, but he is best remembered as the legend who made the Indian Army truly Indian. Perhaps this is why General Bipin Rawat felt the need to honor the late Field Marshal with the Bharat Ratna award.

An interesting fact is that till date, no military person has ever been awarded the Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civilian award that is awarded in ‘any field of human endeavour’.

Motto of the Army

The motto of the Indian Army is ‘SERVICE BEFORE SELF’ and its mission is to ensure national security and national unity, internal threats, defend the nation from external aggression and maintain peace and security within its borders.

Celebrations and Attractions of the Day

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The Army Day is mainly held at Parade Ground, Delhi Cantonment, where this year General Manoj Mukund Nirvana, Chief of Army Staff inspected the parade. Captain Tania Shergil, of the Corps of Signals led the parade as Parade Adjutant. The parade had a wide variety of indigenous weaponry such as the Dhanush towed guns in the display. A number of gallantry awards are given at the Cariappa Parade Ground for outstanding performance during operations and peacetime. Bravery awards such as Unit credentials and Sena Medals are also distributed to the soldiers on this day. This was the 72nd Army day.

Facts about the Indian Army

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  • The Indian Army was formed in 1776 under the British government.
  • The Indian Army is the biggest volunteer army in the world.
  • The Indian soldiers are considered among the very best of high altitudes and mountain warfare.
  • The Indian army soldiers are among the best in jungle warfare.
  • The Indian army is the third-biggest military contingent in the world.
  • They control the highest battlefield in the world, Siachen Glacier. It is 5,000 metres above sea level.
  • They are one of the few armies in the world that has never initiated a war.
  • They are one of the biggest contributors to the United Nations peace operations.

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