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Are Humans Still Evolving?

In this era of modernization, one of the most tinging questions is “Are Humans Still Evolving?” This is a question that most modern scientists are trying their best to figure out. So, if you come searching for an answer, we at Neuronerdz got you covered with a few points to let you decide upon the fact.

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So, the most straightforward answer to the question is “Yes,

we are and will continue to evolve.” Evolution is contemporary to adaptation. Without evolving, we would not be able to adapt to the changing world and ultimately perish. As a result, we have been carrying out the process of evolution for millions of years, just like any other species on the planet, and this process will continue until the point we become an entirely new species when the present “Homo Sapiens” go extinct.

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It is said that the Universe was created from the Big Bang and in due course of time our Earth originated as a planet. It was initially a big ball of fire until an electronic discharge led to the combination of Hydrogen and Oxygen, and thus water was formed. This water then cooled the Earth down for millions of years. After that, the Earth was filled with a mixture of all kinds of elements which was called the Primordial Soup. Thus, life began and took its course. Humans evolved from apes and it took a large number of species for us to become what we are today, the Homo Sapiens-the dominating species of the Earth.Paleoartist Brings Human Evolution to Life | Human evolution, Neanderthal,  Hominid

Evolution Is Slow But Continous

Imagine, if you will, taking a picture of somebody every single day of their life from the moment they are born until the day they die. If you look at a picture from the day they were born until, say, the day they turned 30, you will clearly be able to see the difference (the “evolution” or that person, if you will). But if you look at, say, every single picture was taken of that person between the day they turned 30 and the previous three months, you likely wouldn’t see any significant change at all. Would you then feel justified in claiming that the person has stopped aging? Or would you just acknowledge that the change happens too slowly to be seen over such a relatively short period?

We are evolving. The thing is that nobody is noticing it. Physically, we remain the same: but, at the mental, emotional, social, economic spiritual, and intellectual levels, we are evolving. Newer knowledge relating to everything and new responses to emotional experiences; changes in the thought – processes; fresh perspectives on spirituality; innovative social bindings unheard of before; putting revolutionary economic systems in place and the exciting and pulsating forward march of science and technology: oh yes! We are evolving.

Our medical science is advanced and we now control our biology to a certain degree. That means that some genetic deficiencies that would otherwise have been eradicated in the game of survival and procreation, will continue almost unhindered … and this obviously affects how we evolve, but it does not overrule or even counteract what the Theory of Evolution says.

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The AI or Artificial Intelligence that we are working on nowadays may emerge as a breakthrough in the Course of Human Evolution. A time may come when the human brain could be stored virtually and thus humans would become immortal and thus the need for evolution would cease.


However, for the concluding part, the fact is pretty clear and vivid that we humans are still evolving and will continue to do so until and unless a certain period comes when humans would have a supreme capability and would have mastered the art of adaptation to any extreme conditions.