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Apple’s New Floating Store In Singapore



A Treat For The Vision

Imagine Singapore, during the night time, with its iconic skyline lit in all of its glory. Now, to add to the drama, imagine a seemingly futuristic theatre in the shape of a glowing orb floating peacefully in the calm waters. That, my readers, is the APPLE MARINA BAY SANDS, the first Apple retail store ever to have an establishment on the water.


Apple has recently released a teaser for the same and claims that this floating store will be “a space to explore, connect, and create something new”. The teaser also depicts a custom graphic to indicate the stream of thin lines that spread across the orb at night.




The Apple floating store is the 512th retail store of the company, news has been doing the rounds that British architectural design and engineering firm, Foster+Partners is behind the infrastructure of the retail store, and have already collaborated many times with Apple in the past.

The floating store replaces the Avalon nightclub, Moshe Safdie as a part of the original Marina Bay Sands complex. The Apple floating store is its first spherical shop and has a dome-shaped exterior with a holographic pattern at the bottom half of the sphere.

The entrance of the store will be by a footbridge from the waterfront promenade. Another alternate entrance is the underwater passage that connects the shopping center at the base of the Marina Bay Sands complex.

The store’s glass panels can be found to be reflecting the skyline of the Downtown Core and the motion of the rippling water below on which the floating store lies.


During the night, the floating store transforms into a shiny lantern, radiating color all around, reminding viewers of the traditional lanterns carried during Singapore’s Mid-Autumn festival. During the day, the thin light lines at the bottom half of the spherical structure appear in a colorful holographic pattern.

According to the images posted by users across social media, the store is assumed to be both overground and underground.

The pavilion dome-shaped like a locus allows light to flow freely inside the store. From a bird’s eye view, the structure resembles a giant glass iris peering into the sky.



Apple has not yet confirmed an exact done for the launch of the floating store but is hinting heavily it to be happening very soon.

Amid the pandemic, the store will also include safety measures including but not limited to restricted occupancy, compulsory abiding by wearing masks inside the store, and proper sanitization at regular intervals.



With many companies across the world shutting shop due to a decrease in sales and unexpected losses during the pandemic, Apple has surprised people by doing quite the opposite. Referring to the store as “the lantern on the bay” during promotions, the organization has released a statement quoting “Apple Marina Bay Sands will be at the heart of creativity, a place we’ve made for you to capture your ideas and passions. It will be a space for you to explore, connect, and create something new. We can’t wait to see where your imagination takes you.”

Apple floating store is the third retail store of the brand in Singapore, one located at Orchard Park and the other at the Jewel Changi Airport.

People across the world are quite thrilled and eagerly waiting to discover what surprises the retail store is yet to unveil on its launch. Not surprisingly, the organization has been tight-lipped about the interiors of the floating store, keeping people hanging.


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