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Anime you must watch if you love Death Note

Death Note is one of the most original and best anime out there. With it’s strong yet controversial ideas, it has become the favorite of many, and are left with the question, What should I watch next? If the ideas of Death Note has sparked your attention, there is no shortage of anime out there. Here are a few anime which are worth perusing if you love Death Note.

Steins; Gate

It speaks of a self-proclaimed “Mad Scientist” Okabe Rintarou, nicknamed Okarin, as he works at his laboratory “Future Gadget Laboratory” with his efficient programmer Itaru Hashida, childhood friend Mayuri Shina. They are later joined by famed researcher Kurisu Makise. Things start to twist when they are able to bend time, and an organization is hot on their tail for the time-bending ability, and are willing to do whatever it takes.

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One of the greatest under-appreciated anime of all time. A doctor saves twins of a dying democrat and managed to work his way up the medical world. His life then is thrown into turmoil as a number of murders occur, seeming to be related to him each time. The anime boasts of having possibly one of the most iconic villains of all time, and possibly the most unique character mentalities of anime.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

FMAB shows a world where power can be accessed by alchemy. The story follows Edward Elric, the “Fullmetal Alchemist”, and his younger brother Alphonse Elric. They are on a journey to return Alphonse Elric, who is a suit of armor, his former body. The only way to do so is to obtain a “Philosopher’s Stone”. They face numerous difficulties and uncover a deep buried dark secret covering the entire country of Amestris.

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A gore anime, highly engaging, where the protagonist is in a symbiotic relationship with an extraterrestrial alien, who fails to control his mind. It is gradually revealed there are more of such creatures, who were sent to wipe all life from Earth. The parasite and the protagonist Shinichi Izumi learn to co-exist with the creatures who must consume aliens in order to survive.

Tokyo Ghoul

It shows a society in which human-consuming “ghouls”, who look exactly the same to a human, live within humans. Ken Kaneki, the protagonist, is a human who is tricked by ghoul Rize Kamishiro and is turned into a half-ghoul form. The anime is gore and is characterized by the mentality of the characters and their gradual development through pain and suffering. The most notable points in the anime are the gradual change in the thinking of Ken Kaneki and the characters with their unique and basic quirks and faults.Image result for tokyo ghoul poster 1080p

Attack On Titan

An iconic anime, it shows a world where there exists monstrous, humanoid beings known as Titans, whose diet consists solely of humans. For protection from these Titans, they have secured themselves inside three concentric walls. The protagonist of the anime, Eren Yaeger, lost his mother when Wall Maria, is breached by two Titans, the 60-feet tall Colossal Titan, and the Armored Titan. To avenge his mother, Eren joins the Survey Corps, a specialized group, who venture outside the walls to scout the world outside. It is then that strange discoveries are made, and the view regarding Titans is changed forever.Image result for attack on titan poster 1080p

Nanatsu No Taizai

If one speaks of Fantasy anime, The Seven Deadly Sins, or Nanatsu No Taizai is a must-watch. The Sins are seven extremely powerful individuals who worked for the kingdom. They were disbanded and declared outlaws when the Great Holy Knight is assassinated, and the blame is on them.  The princess of the Kingdom of Liones, Elizabeth along with the leader of the Sins, Meliodas, attempts to rally the Sins together after 10 years with a talking pet pig, Hawk, and fight the Holy Knights who are going against their policies and torturing common folk.

Code Geass

Lelouch vi Britannia, the exiled prince of Britannia, believes his father has killed his mother in a horrible way, upon seeing which his sister had lost her vision and ability to walk. They were sent as ambassadors to Japan to lull them into lowering their defense, following which Britannia attacks and defeats Japan. Lelouch swears to his Japanese friend Suzaku Kururugi that he shall destroy Britannia as an act of vengeance against his father. He gains a power known as “Geass” which allows him to bend people’s wills and to make them fight or die for him, He decides to set out to find the truth behind his mother’s murder and to bring justice.Image result for code geass poster 1080p


This psychological anime is set in the future in Japan, where it is possible to analyze the minds of people by a network of psychometric scanners, to produce a mapping of the mind known as a Psycho-Pass. It is possible to tell the probability of an individual committing any crime. To prevent the happening of such crimes, there are Enforcers. The Enforcers uncover Shogo Makisima, who is Criminally Asymptomatic, which causes him to have a low Criminal Index, no matter what he does. Hence, the Enforcers have to hunt him down and stop his plan of attempting to throw over the system in Japan.Image result for psycho pass poster 1080p

There are other animes such as Black Butler, Charlotte, Kara No Kyoukai, Darker Than Black and Paranoia Agent which are excellent anime worth recommending as well. There are long-running anime such as Naruto, Gintama, and Bleach which are excellent in their runs.

Happy Watching!

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