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All About Ajit Doval : India’s James Bond


Ajit Kumar Doval, 5th National Security Advisor (NSA ) to India’s Prime Minister. He is a Retd. IPS Officer who’d been awarded PPM ( President Police Medal), KC ( Kirti Chakra), PM (Police Medal ).  Had served as the Director of the Intelligence Bureau in 2004–05; he spent almost a decade as the head of its operation wing. Under his guidance in 2016 Indian Line of Control strike on 29th Sept 2016 and latest 2019 Balakot airstrike on 26th Feb 2019 were conducted.

Doval was born in Jan 1945 in Ghiri Banelsyun village in Pauri Garhwal in a Garhwali family in Uttarakhand. He is a son of Major G N Doval, who was an officer in the Indian Army.

He received his early education at the Ajmer Military School (formerly King George’s Royal Indian Military School) in Ajmer, Rajasthan. Doval completed his master’s degree in economics from the University of Agra in 1967. Also, Ajit was awarded an honorary doctorate for his contribution in the field of strategic and security matters. This was in science and literature from Agra University in December 2017 and Kumaun University in May 2018 respectively.

Doval was an IPS in the Kerala cadre and was actively involved in anti-insurgency operations in Mizoram and Punjab. He negotiated the release of passengers from IC-814 in Kandahar in 1999.

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His Unique achievement includes him having the experience of being involved in the termination of all 15 hijackings of Indian Airlines aircraft from 1971–1999. In the headquarters, he headed IB’s operations wing for over a decade and was founder Chairman of the Multi-Agency Centre (MAC), as well as of Joint Task Force on Intelligence (JTFI).
NOTE- IB is International Bureau! 

During the Mizo National Front (MNF) insurgency, Doval won over six of Laldenga’s seven commanders and therefore spent long periods of time incognito with the Mizo National Army. This was in the Arakan in Burma and inside Chinese territory.

Important Contribution 

From Mizoram, Doval went to Sikkim where he played the vital role merging the state with India.

He was trained under M K Narayanan, the 3rd National Security Advisor of India for a brief period in counterterrorism operations and hence gained immensely useful experience.

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Relation with Pakistan 

Doval spent seven years in Indian High Commission in Islamabad, Pakistan. He went to Kashmir in 1990 and persuaded militants (like Kuka Parray) to become counter-insurgents targeting hardline anti-India terrorists. Specifically, this set the way for state elections in Jammu and Kashmir in 1996.

Ajit is widely credited for the doctrinal shift in Indian national security policy in relation to Pakistan. Switching from specifically ‘Defensive’ to ‘Defensive Offensive’ as well as the ‘Double Squeeze Strategy.

In addition to in June 2014, Doval played a crucial role in ensuring the secure return of 46 Indian nurses who were trapped in a hospital in Tikrit, Iraq.

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After family members lost all contact from these nurses, following the capture of Mosul by ISIL. Doval and he moreover was on a top-secret mission. He flew to Iraq on 25 June 2014 to understand the position on the ground and made high-level contacts in the Iraqi government. In other words, he put his 100% best to bring all nurses back.

On the same background story, the famous Bollywood movie Tiger Zinda Hai starrer Salman was made and was praised by many

Moreover, the exact circumstances of their release are unclear. On 5 July 2014, ISIL militants handed the nurses to Kurdish authorities at Erbil city and an Air India plane specially-arranged by the Indian government brought them back home to Kochi.

Also along with former Army Chief General Dalbir Singh Suhag, Doval planned a cross-border military operation against National Socialist Council of Nagaland militants operating out of Myanmar. The mission was said to be a success with 50 militant casualties.

Other Achievements over Pakistan 
He was the actual hero behind 2016 Surgical Strike against Pakistan. Doval’s brain was responsible for the working of the covert operation in URI Surgical Strike.

Current News 

After the recent Balakot airstrike 2019, India and Pakistan came very close to firing short-range missiles at each other on February 27, 2019 ( Acc. to News).
Thus Doval informed his US counterpart John Bolton and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo over a hotline that India was prepared for the worst if any bodily harm was done to Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman held in Pakistani custody. Because of Indian and foreign efforts, Pakistan quickly released our Hero Wing Commdr. Abhinandan Varthaman.

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Inspirational Facts & Awards to Ajit Doval

Doval was the youngest police officer to receive the Police Medal for meritorious service.

He was given the award after six years in the police and later he was awarded the President’s Police Medal ( PPM)

In 1988, he was granted one of the highest gallantry awards, the Kirti Chakra, becoming the first police officer to receive a medal previously, however, given only as a military honor.

Acc. to Economic Times he’s been considered the most powerful man after PM Modi in the country.

Doval played a Major role in resolving the Doklam StandOff too.

Because of him, Sikkim is Part of India today.

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No government website carries Dhoval’s Profile. A biography provided during a lecture he gave in August 2015 in Mumbai state few things about him on Wikipedia.

Doval quoted in the same lecture that
” India has a mindset that, where it hits, it punches below its weight,” “We have to increase our weight and punch proportionately.”

He is Famously known as INDIAN JAMES BOND

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And lastly-
His deadly ferocious fierce words to Pakistan – “You do one more Mumbai, you lose Balochistan”

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