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Alienware m15-2019(R2) Gaming laptop Review

Alienware m15 R2 initial review-

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Alienware has announced two new gaming laptops in the market. These new devices include the m15 and m17 gaming laptops. These new laptops are the upgraded versions of the previous generation gaming laptops launched in 2018. New models include new tech and enhanced design to improve your gaming experience. The new Alienware m15 (R2) laptop was launched at Computex 2019.

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The Alienware m15(R2) has been redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up as far as the previous generation m15(2018) is concerned. The new laptop is crafted from a lightweight magnesium alloy to shed weight and size. Alienware says these are the ”thinnest and smallest” gaming notebooks the company has ever made. The most noticeable part of this laptop is the honeycomb mesh style venting system at the top just below the screen. There are two main color options to choose from, Lunar Light and Dark Side of the Moon.

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Alienware has made significant improvements to their designs over the last few years. This includes the latest Alienware Cryo-Tech 3.0 design with newly improved thermals and cooling performance. With large fan blades and more optimized airflow, the laptop is said to have 20% better thermals than previous Gen m15 laptops to enhance the performance of the laptop.

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Another highlight of the m15 gaming laptop is the new Alienware Command Center. This tool helps to run the laptop at maximum potential when gaming. Automatically optimizing itself for powerful gaming experiences. This tool also allows us to do overclocking if you want some more performance output from your laptop.

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The new Alienware m15 R2 comes with a wide range of screen options ranging from Full HD display with 60 Hz refresh rate to an OLED panel with 4K visual. Superior visuals on OLED display include a fast 1ms response time, 400-nit brightness and 60 Hz refresh rate. You also have the option to choose a model featuring 240 Hz which includes 300-nit brightness and 7ms response time. These higher refresh models also support the Tobii eye-tracking technology which tracks head pose, position, eye gaze, and movement and translate that data into the game. This new laptop also provides the thinnest screen bezels on any of the Alienware gaming laptops and thus gives a fantastic gaming experience. You can also select from Core i5 CPUs right up to i9-9980HK as well as a choice of GPU from GTX1650 to RTX 2080.Image result for alienware m15 2019


1. (2x) SuperSpeed USB 3.1 Type-A | 2. HDMI 2.0 Output | 3. Mini-Display Port 1.3 Output | 4. Thunderbolt™ 3 Port | 5. Alienware Graphics Amplifier Port | 6. Power/DC-In Port | 7. Noble Lock port (cable and lock sold separately) | 8. Killer™ Networks E2500 Gigabit Ethernet NIC | 9. USB SuperSpeed 3.1 Type-A with Powershare Technology | 10. Audio Out 1/8″ Port (Compatible with inline mic headset).


1. Height: Front 17.9mm. (0.705) – Rear 21 mm. (0.83) | 2. Width: 363 mm. (14.3) | 3. Depth: 275mm. (10.8) | Weight: 2.16 Kgs. (4.78lbs.).

With Tobii Eye Tracking
1. Height (Front): 18.3mm (0.720) | Height (Peak): 20.5mm (0.807) | Height (Rear): 19.5mm (0.77) | 2. Width: 360.5mm (14.19) | 3. Depth: 276mm (10.9)
Weight: 2.16kg (4.75lb).

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