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Aishwarya First Indian To Win World Title In Motorsports

Aishwarya Pissay created history by becoming the first Indian to claim a world title in motorsports. She won the FIM World Cup in women’s category after the final round of the championship in Varpalota, Hungary, on August 12, 2019.

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Aishwarya Pissay only woman rider to compete in all four rounds.

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The 2019 Baja World Cup concluded after that fourth round of the championship was held in Hungary. Aishwarya, who won the first round in Dubai as a solo woman rider. She secured third out of three women in the second round in Portugal. Fifth out of five at the Baja Aragon in Spain. In addition, ended the season with fourth-place among four women riders in Hungary. As a result, she finished with a tally of 65 because she is the only woman rider to compete in all four rounds. She was just four points ahead of Portugal’s Rita Vieira in the final overall standings for women. The event was conducted by the International Motorcycling Federation. The governing body of motorcycle racing in the world.

She also finished second in the junior category in which both men and women competed. She ended with 46 points behind championship winner Tomas de Govardo with 60 points of Chile.

Aishwarya’s journey of making history.

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From going on weekend rides with her friends and realizing her love for bike racing to fully acknowledge the skillset to get into professional racing and biking.


  • Firstly, she graduated from Apex Racing Academy.
  • Secondly, she won the Honda One Make Championship.
  • Thirdly, she secured 2nd place in Asia Road Racing Cup.
  • Fourth, she got 5th position in Dakshin Dare.
  • As a conclusion, it was not only a kick start but also she went on claiming the Indian National Rally Championship.


  • She graduated from California Superbike School.
  • Firstly, she achieved the CEAT Sprint Rally.
  • Secondly, she won the Indian National Road Racing.
  • Thirdly, she won the Indian National Rally Championship.
  • Fourth, she secured 3rd position in Dakshin Dare Group and also secured 4th in the Raid De Himalaya.


  • Firstly, she won the Indian National Rally Championship
  • Secondly, she also competed in the Baja Aragon Rally.

Aishwarya a true champion from collar bone injury to winning the championship.

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In her interview with Times of India, she told about her two major accidents. “One in which I hurt my collar bone in 2017. After that, I had a bad fall and ruptured my pancreas in 2018. I underwent surgery and was in the hospital for two months. There was not a single day in the hospital that I thought I would not be able to race again. That incident taught me the importance of never giving up” she said.

Another courageous moment when Doctors inserted a steel plate and seven screws to fix her collar bone. She was asked not to race another three-four weeks. “I had a race in just five days. Nothing was going to stop me. I got up and raced and won the championship”

Moreover, she is just 24. Isn’t that inspiring?

Aishwarya’s next aim?

Her next aim is to make her country proud at the Dakar Rally. She hopes she’ll be able to get more sponsors on board. Eventually realized her dream of participating and finishing the Dakar Rally. It is considered as the world’s most difficult cross country race. In any case, she will definitely pursue that dream no matter what.

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