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Air India recreates history: Rescue of Indians from Wuhan

The AIR INDIA leaves no stone unturned to help its people and society.

The team members of AIR INDIA once again raised the flag of humanity by evacuating around hundred of people from Wuhan, China. This is not the first time when the company has done such an honorable task. It rescued people during the Nepal earthquake of 2015. Even in 1990, it evacuated Indians from Kuwait during the Gulf War. It was one of the largest evacuation missions. If we dive back into the history of Air India, our chests will swell with pride after learning the brave rescues done by it.

Air India, on January 31 and February 1 carried out the national carrier’s evacuation mission. The brave group of Air India, led by Captain Amitabh Singh, lifted 324 Indians out of Wuhan on the first day. The next day they lifted 323 Indians and also 7 Maldivians. By doing so they not only established a milestone further in humanity but also proved their brotherhood. They did not distinguish, rather helped everyone as their own people.Air india crew members

“We carried our own support system and had minimal support from China, as they themselves are busy battling the deadly virus,” said Captain Amitabh Singh, the executive commander of the first flight.

On 17 of Feb, India’s civil aviation minister, Hardeep Singh Puri handed out prime minister Narendra Modi’s letters of appreciation to our esteemed 68 Air India staff members involved in the operations. “We are proud of the commitment shown by the Air India team to bring home their countrymen despite the trying conditions in Wuhan,” Puri said.air india letter of appreciation cermeony

Wuhan is the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak that has killed more than 1,500 people and infected approximately 74,000. The Air India flights that went on this mission consisted of eight pilots, 30 cabin crew and 10 commercial staff. These people, before thinking about themselves went into the horror-stricken city of Wuhan and rescued our people. Captain Kamal Mohan, Air India team member, described the horror of the city. Mohan said in an interview this Monday: “It’s a massive airport, so just imagine not seeing a soul. You’d think a zombie might pop up from somewhere.” The airport was completely stranded. Where there used to be millions of people, only three ground guards were seen at that time.Image result for air india amitabh singh

The Air India crew were given strict instructions for their own safety. They were told to wear 3 pairs of gloves at the same time, one over the other. According to cabin crew chief Chander Prakash, the suits looked like some ‘spacesuits’. Not only this in fact “they were given special on how to wear the clothes and even how to remove them to ensure that they don’t get contaminated.” Doctors were also sent as a part of the rescuing team. The doctors were constantly checking the temperature of the passengers, handing out masks and making people wash their hands time and again to remain contamination free.

With one more successful rescuing mission, the Air India team has once again engraved itself in the history of India.

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