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In Conversation with Adhiraj Bhagawati

Adhiraj Bhagawati is a budding talent in the gaming industry. A promising adult with firm beliefs, he dreams big and works harder to realize them. We had an opportunity to interview him about his experience with his internship at AIESEC. Let’s have a look at the snippets of chat we had with him.

Neuronerdz: Tell us about your vision and what you wish to achieve in life?


Adhiraj: I have been following my brother and sister for many parts of my life up till now, but have never been able to cope up with their success, especially academically. I enrolled in SRM hoping for the best in my career and one of my many reasons to enrol here was especially because of SAP (Student Abroad Program). In any case, I have been active with the technical club(S) since my first semester, and have a proper list of projects under my name and pursuing more too. Our research work has been showcased in India in HCL 2019 (one of the largest events in India in the field of Human-Computer-Interaction).


One of my biggest aim in life is to open up an India Game Developing Company and I have been meticulously working towards that goal, as I have been working in game Dev, HCL, and even in marketing projects to expand my repertoire. To achieve the above, I wish to do my MS abroad and then pursue an MBA and connect all the threads together to form a cohesive way to achieve my long term goals. I wish to surpass my siblings and at the same time make my parents proud (because after all, that’s what every son/daughter in this world should strive to aspire for). Anyone interested in my work can contact me at my LinkedIn

Neuronerdz: How did you apply and what was the process?

Adhiraj: I applied for AIESEC when I was perusing LinkedIn one fine day during my holidays after my third semester. You need to submit a resume and choose the country where you want to apply. I got a call from the same asking if I was interested in the internship. After the call from someone from AIESEC India, your interview is scheduled from someone from AIESEC office of the country/place that you are applying to from my experience, Global Talent and Global Entrepreneurs take more time for the application than Global Volunteer.

Neuronerdz:  What was the internship about?

Adhiraj: As I previously stated my goal to be proficient in both technical and non- technical work, I applied for an ‘Associate Marketing Intern Role’. My roles were to:

  • Research, plan and execute the marketing projects and campaigns for various startups around Cairo.
  • Creating and distributing them in the most suitable social media channels.
  • Keep track and measure its impact and effectiveness.
  • Know how to segment and target markets.
  • Performing and maximizing search engine optimization activities.
  • Creating and executing email marketing campaigns.
  • Actively managing the website performance through Google analytics.
  • Research on media and new customers, retain existing customers and generate leads.
  • Analyzing market and research and other various marketing techniques based on search results.

I worked with various startups and learned their work culture and their approach to project-based management.

Neuronerdz: What kind of projects did you take up there?

Adhiraj: I can’t reveal the exact nature of my projects as the companies associated with my internship clearly stated them as having an NDA. But my projects mainly dealt with: project management, product design, marketing.

Neuronerdz: What kinds of services are provided by AIESEC?

Adhiraj: AIESEC provides services of three kinds:

  1. Global volunteer
  2. Global entrepreneur
  3. Global talent

Neuronerdz: Why did you choose this type of internship having an introvert nature?

Adhiraj: I choose this internship to curb my introverted nature. I wanted to have proper team management skills and learn and experience proper corporate work culture with people from all around the world.

Neuronerdz: What value will this internship add to your profile?

The fact that I am not just a tech head. I can work and manage teams of various domains be it technical or non-technical is enough for me to be content with.

Neuronerdz: How was your experience meeting different students from different countries with various backgrounds?

Adhiraj: One word AMAZING! I have amazing human connections now and have people that I can work on different projects from all around the world. In fact, I have a plan for a research paper with a friend from the UK. Meeting new people from various cultures and different values really expanded my horizons and introduced me to new ways to work in projects with them. We had exchanges in our cultures, foods, and various other stuff and I have a few friends in high places too!

Neuronerdz: How was your overall experience and how will this internship help you in the future?

Adhiraj: This is yet another stepping stone for realizing my dreams and aspirations in full force and a good enough addition to my CV. This is all I can say in regard to this question.

Neuronerdz: Would you recommend AIESEC internship to other students?

Adhiraj: Yes, I definitely recommend an AIESEEC internship to other students. There are some amazing programs in AIESEC China, Japan, and Ukraine from what I have heard from my colleagues during my internship at Egypt. From what I hear, AIESEC is really popular among students from abroad.  And if you consider doing an AIESEC internship, I recommend going through Global Talent as it is the best out of the three and is a long 6 months internship program.

Ps: We hope that you fulfil your dream of opening an India Gaming Company soon enough. All the wishes from us!

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