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7 Most Controversial Documentaries Of All Time

Thanos and his snap to wipe out half the universe might be scary, but he’s no match for some of the real-life people who have been featured in cinema’s most disturbing documentaries. Here are some truly creepy, weird and controversial documentaries of all time:-

1) CRAZY LOVE (2007)

This story is a 2007 documentary film which is directed by Dan Klores and Fisher Stevens. This screenplay explores the dangerous and troublesome relationship of a New York attorney Burt Pugach and his ten years younger girlfriend Linda Riss who is attacked brutally, which results in her getting blinded and permanent scars on her face. This documentary faced some serious criticism as the story scared many and some were weirded and creeped out. Despite its creepiness, it won the Independent Spirit Award for Best Documentary Feature, the Boston Society of Film Critics Award for Best Documentary and the San Diego Film Critics Society Award for Best Documentary Feature.

2) JESUS CAMP (2006)

Jesus Camp is a 2006 documentary film which is directed by Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing. This documentary includes a charismatic Christian church in which children are taught that they have unique gifts and that they can pray and take America back for Jesus. This film is unique in the fact that up to what extent some people can teach children to become gods themselves and fulfill an impossible and unimaginable prophecy.

This controversial piece was nominated for Best Documentary Feature at the 79th Academy Awards. It lost to Davis Guggenheim and Al Gore‘s An Inconvenient Truth.


Image result for MADNESS IN THE FAST LANE 2010

This documentary starts on a quite weird image: two women, standing on the highway shoulder to shoulder with police officers, who suddenly start a determined dash into oncoming traffic. Swedish sisters Ursula and Sabina Eriksson wreaked havoc on the London roads in the May of 2008 when they repeatedly bolted across the busy highways. After the cops arrived on the scene, they tried to apprehend and stop them from continuing their suicidal runs. They were finally subdued and taken to an ambulance. But when Sabina was released a day later, she again committed a crime by stabbing a man to death. The explanation for the twins’ unknown behavior is not clear to this day, but this documentary attempts to make some sense of it, with the help of criminal psychiatrist Dr. Nigel Eastman. But what makes it, even more creepy is the behavior that Sabina shows at the police station after being apprehended. She displays a very friendly, chatty and almost a very flirty attitude with the police officers passing by her in the station.

4) KIDS FOR CASH (2013)

This tale of corruption, greed, and wrongful imprisonment revolves around the main protagonist Mark Ciavarella. The Pennsylvania judge was found guilty of fraud along with his fellow judge Michael Conahan for wrongly sending 3000 children to juvenile detention centers in exchange for cash.

And even more surprising were the crimes that the children committed to deserve such punishment? Creating fake MySpace profiles and stealing DVDs from Walmart stores.

Kids for Cash plays on the fears that resonates especially with parents. One of them being that their children’s lives can be irrevocably altered by a single youthful impulse. Another is that elected officials will do truly heinous things to earn money. But the most horrifying feeling is that you can’t even completely trust the people who have sworn to judge you fairly in the eyes of the law.

Mark Ciavarella is a villain despite continuing to claim to the court that he was blameless. therOne highly sad and emotional scene where the mother of a teen boy he imprisoned confronts him outside the courtroom is bound to stay with you.

5). DREAMS OF A LIFE (2011)

Joyce Carol Vincent was a stylish, passionate and ambitious woman who kept a social circle that included Stevie Wonder and Isaac Hayes. But when she died alone in her apartment in 2003, no one noticed for three years. Director Carol Morley was determined to make a film about Vincent after knowing about the discovery of her body—which was found decomposing in front of the television, surrounded by the unopened Christmas gifts—and wanted to know more about the woman’s life. The question that was repeated again and again in the film is how could a person as vivacious and well-liked as Vincent end up alone? Very eerie and heartbreaking, this documentary will make you wonder who would notice if you were gone.

This isn’t a sketch of a stranger. Through interviews with Vincent’s friends and former lovers, she transforms into a fully drawn human being. This cause is also aided by Zawe Ashton, the actress who plays the fictionalized versions of Vincent in several sequences. Once she becomes real, the sinking feeling that this could happen to anyone reels in automatically.


Think American Horror Story: Asylum was scary? Then you won’t be able to sleep properly after watching this real-life story of a Massachusetts mental institution. Frederick Wiseman’s creepy and disturbing documentary of abuse shows naked patients being mocked, force-fed, and generally treated like animals. Roger Ebert called it “one of the most despairing documentaries” he had ever seen in 1968—and he was one of the few who had even seen it at that time. This documentary was banned for 24 years due to an injunction filed by the Massachusetts state government, clearly stating its concerns over the patients’ privacy. By the time it was removed in 1991, Titicut Follies had already helped close several psychiatric wards.

The starkness of the footage is what makes Titicut Follies so unsettling, weird and.creepy. Shot in black and white, this documentary contains no narration and no sympathetic onscreen presence which would guide you through the horrors of Bridgewater State Hospital. You’re essentially locked up with the patients, and no one is coming for help.

7) GOING CLEAR (2015)

Scientology has been considered as the butt of jokes ever since its poster boy Tom Cruise bounced off Oprah’s yellow couch. But this HBO documentary makes one thing extremely clear: you shouldn’t be making fun of Scientology. You should be amazingly crept out by it.

For two continuous hours, Director Alex Gibney draws the picture of a weird cult that threatens its members, drains their bank accounts, and exiles them from their families should they dare complain. Although Scientology is secretive by nature, Gibney managed to discover various clips that reveal the disturbing dynamics of the community—plus all their awful ‘90s sweaters.

Have you ever witnessed someone telling his/her story after escaping a dangerous cult? It’s upsetting, and it happens repeatedly in Going Clear. Through interviews with ex-members and archival footage, Gibney makes the specter of Scientology leader David Miscavage loom large.


These documentaries have sent chills down people’s spines. If you have not yet watched them and you feel like you have the guts to go through the horrors that they contain, you’re most welcome to try them out. But if not, it is best that as soon as you finish reading this sentence, you take your mind off to somewhere else.

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