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5 Technologies That Will Change How We Travel In The Future

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There is no doubt that our future will be full of advanced technology that will make our lives easy and us lazy XD. Whether it is household work, office work, entertainment or even travel, all sectors will encounter changes. Tourism sector is going through a huge shift with the latest tech making travel more interactive and exciting than ever before.

Gone are the days when we would go through reference books and travel magazines to decide our next vacation. A Google study revealed that 74% of people plan their trips on the internet. Every trip we take generates a huge amount of data. It used by companies to improve the experience of customers and this is where Big Data analysis comes in. IoT (Internet of Things) is applied in hotel rooms to allow customers access lights and all electrical equipment from one place. With Virtual Reality or VR, we can visit the place digitally from the comfort of our home.

All these technologies are changing travel in 2020 but what about the future? What technologies will change our travel habits in a few years from now? Let’s take a look at some of the major tech that will have a huge impact on the tourism sector.


technology hyperloop

Hyperloops are the future of ground transport. They can carry passengers in floating pods that travel through a tube or tunnel. Most of the air is removed from this tube to reduce friction. This is why the pods can travel up to 700 miles per hour saving us a lot of commute time. Hyperloops can be either above or below the ground.

In India, a hyperloop is being developed in the state of Maharashtra connecting the cities of Mumbai and Pune. It is being built by Virgin Hyperloop and DP World and this could be the world’s first hyperloop!

It takes 3 to 4 hours by car to cover the distance of over 100 miles between the cities. With the hyperloop, this distance can be covered in just 35 minutes.

Source: https://virginhyperloop.com/

Space Travel

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Imagine, this time instead of going to tourists spots like Goa your family decides to spend the summer in space? Exciting right? Well, that day is not far when this will be the new normal. Thanks to the advancements in technology space tourism could finally evolve from a dream to a reality soon.

There are several private companies such as Space Adventures in the US that have spent decades in the development of space travel. Elon Musk is working on sending humans to Mars and China is building a simulation base for people to experience life on Mars.

However, the biggest problem here is the cost of tickets and this is expected because your travel destination is out of this world! (literally) For now only the rich can afford tickets and it unclear as to when and how space travel will become affordable for all.

Blockchain Technology


Another technology that I feel will completely change the world as we know it today is Blockchain. I know you would be wondering why I am talking about blockchain in a travel blog but the reality is that the impact of blockchain on tourism is huge.

For those of you not familiar with blockchain, it is a record-keeping technology in the Bitcoin network and is widely used in finances. In simple words, it is digital data (blocks) stored in a public database (chains).

Blockchains will allow us to travel without carrying our passports and wallets everywhere. This is great as we are always worried about losing our passports in a foreign country and getting stranded. This technology will also help in securing our payments and will help the airport staff identify passengers.

Wifi Technology

There are various remote areas such as Changlang, Arunachal Pradesh which are tourist spots but have poor internet connectivity. While such places are best for an internet detox, it is always handy to have a good connection in case of an emergency. This is why companies like Facebook are trying to connect these areas with high-speed internet. Facebook is working on drones that will provide wifi to all corners of the globe.

Some other companies working on this:

  • Google
  • O3b networks
  • BRCK
  • Datawind

Smart Lenses

technology lenses

This is a very interesting vision-based technology. I had never heard of smart lenses before I started work on this blog but believe me, this is not something you want to miss. Contact lenses are extremely tiny and it does not seem like the best place to fit electronics but if you have one look at smart lenses you will be in awe!

The experience of wearing these lenses is very similar to wearing augmented reality eyewear like Google Glass but the difference is that it does not change your appearance and you don’t look weird.

These lenses can help immensely in the healthcare sector. The surgeon can get a better vision and patients can monitor their symptoms. Smart lenses can even enhance military operations.

Some companies working on developing smart lenses:

  • Samsung.
  • Sony.
  • Google.
  • Columbia University Medical Centre.
  • Sensimed
  • University of Michigan.
  • U.S. Department of Defense.
  • Swiss Federated Institute of Technology in Lausanne


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