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5 Best Street Foods to try in Delhi

The capital of the Republic of India is a hub of medieval art and buildings. So many dynasties have ruled over this city and filled it with various cultures. And after that, foods have also changed. The street food in India is spicy and promises to make memories from moments. They add an extra layer of memories on your indelible trip. India is famous and rich in the culture, which foods express it well. The Mughali cuisines are well popular in restaurants, but what about the streets? There is no match for pani-puri, which is everyone’s favorite. Here we bring you some exotic, mouthwatering street foods to try the next time you visit Delhi.

1. Chole Bhature

This dish has two components-chole, and bhature. Chickpeas cooked with masala is Chole. Deep fried all-purpose flour is Bhature. These two are incomplete without each other. Chole-Bhature is a Punjabi dish which became very popular as it easy to cook-it gets ready within minutes. The dish is tasty and enough for a one-time meal. The food took over the street as it was cheap. This dish is popular all over the country (and in Canada and the USA too)! Starting your day with this yummy dish will make your day for sure.

2. Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji is the counterpart and competitor of Chole-Bhature. Garnished lemon over it makes it tastier. The ‘pav’ is an Indian term of bread. Bhaji is a mix of peas and various vegetables mashed with it. This dish will really set your mood yours too happy. It is prepared by heating bhaji with some water. The Pav is heated on the buttered pan, to make it a buttered toast. Coriander and lemon slices are garnished over it, giving it a sour taste with some spice. The Pav bhaji is everyone’s favorite cuisine.

3. Jalebi

Only one bite of it is enough for you to fall over it. The Jalebi is a sweet Indian dessert. It is nice and soothing. It adds up a sweet layer of memories. The making of jalebi is very simple: take a batter of all-purpose flour and deep fry it, in a form of a pretzel. Take it out and dip it in hot sugar syrup. Serve hot. To add on top of it is Rabadi. Rabadi is condensed milk which is poured over the jalebi.

4. Golgappe


The king of the street foods, and everyone favorites. Golgappe also called panipuri, gupchup and puchka in different parts of India. The all-purpose flour is fried to make puri or papdi. Different vegetable and spices are used to prepare the masala. Tamarind water is used to make it tastier. The masala is placed inside the puri and dipped in the tamarind water, then it is all set to eat. Enjoy!

5. Samosa


The most common food of Indian subcontinent, it’s types and name varies from region to region. It is prepared through filling the all-purpose flour with masala and deep fried in the mustard oil. Its masala contains potatoes and spices. Best served with chutney or tomato sauce. In addition, you can have it with some cooked beans. Chai (tea) and samosa have an ultimate combination in India. This food gaining international recognition from all around the world.

Apart from these food streets, you can also check out for some innovative restaurants. Please let us know what’s your favorite among these!

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