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10 Heavenly Waterfalls on the Planet

One of the most astonishing sites for a traveller is that of visiting a waterfall. There is no better site than watching water descend as if falling from Heaven. Fortunately, for the people who love such an exquisitely beautiful phenomenon of nature, we bring you the top 10 Heavenly Waterfalls on Earth.

  1. Palouse Falls – Washington, U.S.

Located on the Palouse River in Washington the Palouse Falls have a height of 198 ft. and a drop 17ft higher than the mighty Niagara Falls. The falls are a part of the Washington State Falls Park which has a great viewpoint of the falls, a picnic spot and just a walking distance from the parking lot. These factors make the Palouse Falls a must visit for all tourists.

  1.  Sutherland Falls – New Zealand

In the southern island of New Zealand is the breath-taking Sutherland Falls. Having a whooping ht. of 1904 ft., they are the tallest in New Zealand. The path that leads to the falls is hugely regarded to be as- “The Finest Walk in the World”. I don’t think there are any more reasons required for putting the Sutherland Falls on my travel list.

      8.Ban Gioc-Detian Falls – Vietnam

What makes this different from the others till now it this list is that this is the fourth largest waterfall located on an international border. At 197 ft., being not so tall it seems to be two different waterfalls but during the rainy season merges into one and you can actually hear the thundering sounds on the rocks from miles away.

      7.Kaieteur Falls – Guyana

Deep inside the great Amazon Rainforest lies its priceless gem of the Kaieteur Falls. If determined by the volume of water this is the biggest waterfall on the planet and stands tall at 741 ft., these falls offer the great mix of the wild, beauty and an inspiring adventure. The best time to visit them would be in the summer from March to July.

      6.Gullfoss Falls – Iceland

Easily Iceland’s most iconic waterfalls the Gullfoss Falls are on the Olfusa River. Only accessible from the top the water appears to be vanishing away in the air. Having a cascade of only 104 ft., they have such a sheer force of fall which amplifies its beauty even more. The picture below will clarify all your doubts about this entity.

      5.Plitvice Falls – Croatia

An integral part of the Plitvice Lakes National Park these are one of the top tourist attractions of Eastern Europe counting up 1 million visitors each year. Having ample of reasons for visiting them, namely – clocking at 255 ft. and located in the largest national park in Croatia – they should never go off your list until you actually check them out.

     4.Yosemite Falls – California U.S

I wonder if anybody has ever not admired the might of the Yosemite Falls which clock at an astonishing 2,425 ft. The hike to the top would be really exhausting but it is definitely worth the experience. Even if you don’t make it to the top it is so large that you can enjoy it even from a distance. The best weather to visit them would be the warmth of the spring when the flowers bloom.

     3.Niagara Falls – New York and Ontario

What to say when it comes to the mightiest and the most famous waterfall on earth -The Niagara Falls. Why say no when you get to visit two countries at the price of one. The Canadian side can give you a touristy weekend and the American one will provide you with natural and scenic beauty. The falls are at 167 ft. (99m if you are in Canada ?) and equally wide.

  1. Angel Falls – Venezuela

The worlds’ tallest waterfalls will definitely make a cut in this list. Declared to be as a UNESCO world heritage site it climbs up to a herculean height of 3,212 ft. Still considered to be remote the Angel falls undoubtedly presents its adventurous visitors one of the world’s most astonishing site. The best time to go there is from June to December.

    1.Iguazu Falls – Argentina and Brazil

Just like the Niagara Falls this also borders two countries just as the falls split the upper and lower parts of the river marks the border between the countries of Argentina and Brazil. Even now if you are not intrigued these falls are the worlds largest system of waterfalls i.e. its stretch goes to 5,249 ft., wide and is 269 ft., tall.


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