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10 Fashion Photography Tips


Recently, the appeal for high-end fashion has increased tremendously. The marketing for fashion is primarily dependent on the photography for that, for the outfit being presented has to be visually appealing, to begin with. There are a few ways of photographing an outfit, so as to ensure it pops out to the viewer, and to set it apart from similar ones.


The framing has to be proper for fashion photography to be in its truest sense. The rule of thirds or centering the subject are effective ways of doing so.


Possibly the most important part of a photograph is the lighting. The lighting should be consistent for all the pictures, and in case of shooting indoors, the lighting be soft and bright. The last thing one would want a picture to be is over or under-exposed.



The subject must have the same atmosphere as the outfit being displayed. The elements in the background and the way they affect the image should be considered as well. The atmosphere sets the dress apart.


The fashion photographs must have a consistent flow to them, highlighting the parts of the clothing sequentially. This is common in high-end photography and in retail fashion photography as well.


The thing setting apart a few fashion photographers is allowing the model freedom and allowing the dress to flow. This creates a sense of ease in the viewer’s mind, which makes it a better image overall. It also shows the texture of the cloth.

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The image should look natural, bring a flow of ease to the viewer’s mind. This is done by even lighting and balancing.  Natural lighting or soft lights are a great way of ensuring that the images have even lighting. It fills out the negative spaces and fills up the shadows rather than blowing out the brightened portions.


The secret to achieving perfect composition is to achieve counter-balancing, which is to use frame images, use more models, or props to balance the negative space around the model.

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These are required all the time in fashion photography, for these accentuate the pictures the most. Simple props such as a chair for a model to lean on, to sitting a model in a car, a lot more can be done with a few simple objects.


Using photographs to tell a story is one of the most versatile and greatest things that can be done to make clothing stand out. Using a suit to describe the meeting of a man, while showing the suit off is one of the greatest way images can be organized. Since there are no captions, using a cohesive concept to adhere to images together compels people to observe every single one of them.


The equipment being used makes a huge difference when photographing fashion. While doing so, the focus needs to be on the clothes. Hence, 35 mm lenses or the like are suitable.

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